Who the hell is this OK From J guy anyway?

It's the off-season. There's little to talk about for Pistons fans while we wait for lottery balls to fall, draft picks to happen and Summer League to begin. Well, there's little to talk about for most Pistons fans. Not us. This is when we dive in to the totally awesome WTHIT_____GA series. To start it up again, we needed a legendary Pistons fan to participate. A far away Pistons fan in what might be an unlikely place. Ladies (well, Kriz) and Gentleman (well, few of us), I give you OK from J!!

MP: Out of every team in every league in every sport in the world, why choose the Detroit Pistons? Why basketball?

OK from J: I will start a basketball issue. I started play basketball from 12 years old, at junior-high school. There are many sports club in the school, but, the reason why I choose the basketball was so funny. I was short boy when I started play basketball, and then I thought I can be tall guy with playing BB.

HOWEVER, it was wrong absolutely! The tall guys playing the BB not grow up with playing BB at all. I could not be aware this truth until graduate the high school. Sad. But I love play and watch BB game for sure.

About Pistons. How I become Pistons fan is little weird. I was born near US air force base and there is the radio station as known as Far East Network. I love to listen the R&B and Doo-Wop music. I was reached Motown music and then I knew the Detroit. After that this is the simple equation, Basketball plus Detroit equal Pistons! So the Japanese Pistons fan was born.

MP: How difficult is it to follow the Pistons from Japan? Do you get to watch many games?

OK from J: Recently yes, because of the internet! I can follow the game with live stream. But we have the time difference between US and Japan, so I can follow the game only Friday and Saturday. During the game I have to work in Japan. Sometime there are TV program covering NBA game in Japan.

MP: Do you know anyone near you who likes the Pistons too?

OK from J: Yes, I guess, there are many Pistons fan in Japan. There are several social network fan site. But it seems like bangwagoner site in my okpinion and then I never follow these sites at all. This is why I am on the DBB.

MP: What is your life like? What do you do for a living? Do you have a family? What is your favorite thing to do besides being a Pistons fan?

OK from J: I am a manager of sales department. My company has the branch in US, one is in Houston and the other is in Auburn Hills!! I visit Houston several times but I never been to Auburn Hills.If I can visit there sometime, I really hope to join Pistons game with DBBers.

I have one wife and two kids, boy and girl. My hobby other than basketball is listening the music as I metioned above. I am a skier in winter time.

MP: If you could change anything about this current Pistons team, what would you change?

OK from J: GM. I do not know the correct person but it is not Joe. I love Joe as a player, actually he is second best favorite after Thomas, but he could not handle this team properly now.

- - - - -

Thanks OK from J! I'll turn the questions over to the community now. For now, let us know when you can make it to Auburn Hills! Also, it's your turn to invite the next DBBer to be interviewed for this series. Who will be next??!

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