Realistic Draft and Free Agent signings.

We all know that JOD most likely isnt going to pull off the blockbuster deal that gets us into one of the top 3 picks in the draft this year and its extremely unlikely that anyone takes Ben Gordon or Charlie V off our hands this summer as their contracts are just too ridiculous to even consider with their lack of production. The only scenario that would make sense is if a contender desperately needs a bench scorer to come in and be instant offense while their starters are taking a breather. IF that is the case, then Gordon looks to be a very intriguing target for some teams. If we are able to get a decent 1/2 guard in return or a pick or two then I would be extremely happy. However Charlie V is a lost cause, nobody is going to want a old 6'10 stretch PF that is on the decline and cant rebound. Not to mention he would probably break his arm brushing his teeth or wiping is ass.

As far as the draft goes, I am completely content to stay at 9 and just take the best big that complements Greg Monroe there. I think there are 3 legitimate option here for us based on all of the mock drafts: John Henson, Tyler Zeller, and Jared Sullinger.

Henson is a 6'10 PF with tremendous length. He is said to be the 2nd best defensive big in the draft after the almighty unibrow. He is a great shot blocker/alterer and has no problem rebounding. His problem, much like the unibrow, lies in his offense. With his great length and leaping ability Henson has no problem finishing above the rim whether it be a dunk or a put back/tip in. But he does lack a consistent jump shot and is too weak to work in the post. However Henson does exactly what the Pistons desperately need from their PF; block shots and finish above the rim. Henson is the most realistic/ideal pick.

Zeller is a 6'11 C that isnt going to wow you with anything he does. He isnt a great low post scorer and he's not going to average 2-3 blocks a game. He is what you would call a "safe" pick. Zeller is one of those high energy C's that you absolutely hate when he's on the other team, but love when he's on your team; much like an Anderson Varejao. Zeller runs the court extremely well for a big and seems to always beat his matchup in transition. He is relatively weak down low though and might be labeled as being soft. He is projected to be a better offensive C rather than a defensive one however, and the PIstons already have their low post scorer of the future. So overall, a good pick but not ideally what we want.

Lastly Sullinger. Sully is a 6'10 PF who is the best low post scorer in this years draft. He has a knack for finishing in the paint and has the ability to step out and knock down a 16 footer. He is also a great rebounder despite his lack of height and leaping ability but that is also his biggest weakness. His lack of athleticism causes him to be a bit suspect on the defensive end of the floor as he is unable to block many shots. He seems to struggle on both ends of the floor against athletic, long bigs. Definitely not the most athletic big you'll see and constantly plays below the rim. Kind of seems to be a Zach Randolph type of player, someone that scores and rebounds every game despite the lack of athleticism. Not the perfect combination with Monroe as both of them arent the greatest defenders, but the threat of 2 low post scorers might be a really interesting matchup problem for some teams. OR it could turn out like the Lakers where one big plays well on a given night, and the other seems to be a little less oriented in the offense and passive.


JOD's last big free agent move might have been one of, if not the worst decisions he has made for this team. Most likely we'll just have to bite the bullet and keep our overpayed 6th man and underimpressive stretch 4. I do see us bringing back Big Ben for one more year as he had expressed being open to the possibility of playing again this year. I also see Jason Maxiell picking up his PO and coming back for another year, but if we are again out of playoff contention by the trade deadline look for him to probably get moved to a contender needing front court depth.

Im really not going to put much thought into possible trade scenarios as our only valuable trade chips would be Tayshaun, Ben Gordon, or one of our future Big 3 (Knight, Stuckey, Monroe)

Heres a couple of possible depth charts after the draft and free agency:


PG Brandon Knight-- Scott Machado(2ndRound)--Will Bynum/Walker Russell

SG Rodney Stuckey--Ben Gordon

SF Tayshaun Prince--Jonas Jerebko--Austin Daye

PF John Henson(1stRound)--Jason Maxiell--Charlie Villanueva/Vernon Macklin

C Greg Monroe--Ben Wallace/Kyle O'Quinn(2ndRound)


PG Knight--Tyshawn Taylor(2ndRound)--Bynum/Russell

SG Stuckey--Gordon

SF Prince--Jerebko--Daye/Jae Crowder(2nd Round)

PF Monroe--Maxiell--Villanueva/Macklin

C Zeller--Wallace--Monroe


PG Knight--Bynum/Russell

SG Stuckey--Gordon--William Buford(2ndRound)

SF Prince--Jerebko--Daye

PF Jared Sullinger(1st Round)--Mike Scott(2nd Round)--Villanueva/Macklin

C Monroe--Wallace/Macklin

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