Let's have some faith in JoD

I say this because a lot of people want JoD fired because of recent moves. Though JoD is not without fault(see 2009 offseason), I feel his hands have been tied for the past couple years because of uncertainty in ownership and the CBA. I think in the next 2-3 years, we will see the real JoD. After an awesome draft, my passion for Deeeetroit Basketball has been replenished. I love the direction our organization is going and I hope you all are just as excited as I am. Here are some moves I would like to see this offseason:

Amnesty Chunky V – Dude is overweight and couldn’t even make the DR national team.

Sign UDFA PG Scott Machado – Would like to see how this guy develops into an NBA player. He plays extremely well in transition and makes great decision with the ball. I would atleast like to have him on our summer league.

Sign UDFA C Henry Sims – Came into college with Moose at Georgetown. He is a legit 7-footer with great passing ability. Needs to get better on defense and rebounding.

Trade SF Prince + SF Daye + PG Bynum for PF Ed Davis + PG Calderon – We have a logjam at SF and need to get rid of some players. Toronto gets a solid veteran in Prince, an 2 young players with lots of potential in Daye and Bynum. Toronto is looking to trade Calderon because of his huge contract. His deal is expiring so we can use the cap relief. I know that lots of people in Toronto are unhappy with Davis because of his lack of offense. They prefer Amir Johnson’s game. Davis provides good rebounding and shot blocking. The salaries work out pretty well.

Sign PF Michael Beasley – Beasley is only 23 and has an exponential amount of talent. He needs to get his head straight. Our Coaching staff can get him in the right mind to score consistently and play defense.

Depth Chart:

PG – Knight, Calderon, Machado

SG – Stuckey, English

SF – Jerebko, Singler, Maggette, Middleton

PF – Beasley, Davis, Maxiell,

C – Monroe, Drummond, Sims

That’s all I got. I think with this roster we can fight for the 8th spot in the playoffs as we continue to develop our core players(Monroe, Knight, Jerebko, Stuck, and Drummond). After this next year, we will have a lot of financial flexibility as Maggette, Max, Calderon, and CV contract’s come off the books. We could go after some big time free agents (James Harden?).

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