Fun Possible Trades

With the excitement of the draft process over and not to mention, finally a trade done by Joe D. With all these trade situations going around the league with Howard and players going to different teams. I wanted to try out the ESPN Trade Machine for the first time. This is my first time using it and first fanpost so i hope i did it ok. Please give me your opinons good or bad, just dont go over board on the bad hah, just bored trying some situations.

First off i was going to a trade with the Toronto Raptors.

Detroit Pistons Receive: J. Calderon
Toronto Raptors Receive: Chunky V Soup & W. Bynum


Detroit Pistons: Calderon an reasonable pass first point guard with good career averages. While getting rid of Charlie's contract which is a plus. It also frees up an roster spot that we could use. Calderon is also an expiring contract of 10.5 million coming off the books after the season. That we could use to show Knight how a true non combo gaurd plays point gaurd that he hasn't had yet or better yet Pistons really haven't had since Billups.

Toronto Raptors: Calderon wanting out of Toronto, and in the deal Raptors are getting to back up pieces they need. A back up PG in Bynum and PF in Charlie.

After the Jump

The Second trade is a 3 team trade with Memphis & OKC

This trade is more like a pipe dream hah and most likely would need draft picks involved. But just like to throw the trade out there.

Detroit Pistons Receives: Rudy Gay (Memphis) & Eric Maynor (OKC)

Memphis Receives: Rodney Stuckey & Tayshaun Prince

OKC Receives: Austin Daye


Detroit Pistons: Yes another SF but gets rid of 2, one being Prince (that NEEDS to go). In return you get a star player in Gay that hasnt always been the first option in the memphis offense with Randolph, Mayo, and Gasol. Here in a new team i think he could grow into more of that player he is projected to be. And i always liked watching Maynor for some reason and trading him for a shooter in Daye that i thought is fair knowing OKC has R.Jackson also.

Memphis: SG tandem of Allen & Stuckey has both your defense and offensive push, for example like celtics and OKC use Bradley and Sefolosha. And i think tayshaun will learn to pass the ball there or he would have to deal with Randolph. Getting rid of Gay will give more touches for Randolph who does well being the #1 option. While getting an starting veteran SF in Prince.

OKC: Maynor for Daye. Daye gives them a young shooter G/F that loves to shoot the 3. With Westbrook/Durant/Harden all driving Daye becomes that much better sitting at the 3 and taking his shots. Getting rid of Maynor also gives a guy they have in Jackson a chance to get more playing time.

Well these are just some random trades i configured while sitting here. I like reading the comments from the people here and would like to know what you think or maybe even a better trade you thought of. Come on Joe D, Let the trades begin! Post Away!

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