What could Sabermetrics do for the NBA/NCAA?

For those of you who don't know what Sabermetrics are, please go read this link.

Now, I know some sites ( and others) have a form of advanced stats, and I know baseball is a very different sport than basketball. However, when I look at some of the stats that are available to baseball analysts/fans based on what Sabermetrics provides, I feel like the NBA needs to come up with something equivalent. Obviously, statistics aren't law. But statistics provide a lot of help; one reason why when Klask came on board for the Detroit Pistons, I was pleasantly surprised. Here are some stats (or outlines rather) I would like to see that I think would help GMs put teams together and coaches better prepare for games.

Missed Assists Per Game (MAPG)

Brandon Knight had 251 assists last year in 66 games (3.80 APG) and was ranked 39th in total assists for the 2011-12 season. By no means great for any point guard. But what if we could add up the number of times Brandon Knight made a pass to a player and that player missed the shot in a catch and shot situation, or a lob dunk, etc. This stat wouldn't make Brandon Knight a top 15 PG by any means, but it would (could) show him to be more efficient than what current stats actually say. Now say Joe D had this stat at his fingertips and was looking for a backup or replacement for Knight. Would you prefer someone who had a 8.9 APG and 1.5 MAPG or someone who had a 7.0 APG and a 4.4 MAPG? Again, obviously this stat doesn't make either one a better PG, but it does put more players into the consideration pool. You could possibly even add other stats that branch off of this such as MAPGBT (Missed Assists Per Game Bad Throw/Pass), MAPGB (Missed Assists Per Game Blocked)

Touches Per Possession

This might sound like a stupid stat, but hear me out. You can base a players importance to a team based on a stat, or stats, similar to this. Anyone with a TPP of less than 0.5 means that more often than not, they aren't involved in the play. Imagine preparing your defense using this stat? Again, you could expand this stat to Touches Per Possession where Player Scored. So when that player scored on that possession (whether a 2 pt, 3pt, or free throws), how many times did that player touch the ball? Now, if the player scored, the value will be at least one. But depending on how high the number gets, you could determine if that player moves a lot, how often they pass the ball (so you can block lanes), etc. A PG will more than likely have higher TPP being the ball handler, but it shouldn't be so significant the stat wouldn't be useful.

Forced Shots Missed & Forced Shots Made

If someone gets the ball with 1-2 seconds on the shot clock, if they miss the field goal for having to hoist it up, that shouldn't count towards eFG%, TS% or any shooting percentage. But if you do make it, then you it should show. Again, the defenses that could be created based on this/these stat(s) would be great. You'd know who to make sure didn't get it.

So what kind of stats do you think could be beneficial to player recruitment and/or game planning against other teams. I'd be interested to hear them.

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