Please save us from all the Money

Hello I'm Michigan Bills Fan, allow me to explain I'm a Buffalo Bills fan living in Michigan, moved to the state in 96 and since then the Pistons have become my NBA team as I did not watch much Basketball before moving to this state.

So far my contributions to this site have been the idea of a will bynum waker russel back up backcourt, a terrible joke about hassan whiteside and letting people know about the ESPN nba trade machine hopefully this post will get me to .500 in the good idea department. So I'm jumping ahead to the 2013 off season where the Pistons will have the most money to spend on free agency since 2009 hopefully it will be better spent. The Detroit News has us at around 20 million while ESPN's rumor section says it could be up to around 30 million. I'm going with 26 million, I ONLY based this on the contracts coming off after this season. (Maggette 10 million, maxiell 5 million, will bynum 3.5 million, austin daye 2.9 million, the money we owe rip hamilton 6 million).

Stats from ESPN, FA info from

So without further achoo ladies and germs, i know i know, here are my ideas about how we should spend that money. Okay this is based on three things 1. I went with straight up UFA, no restricted, player option, team option, trades, etc. 2. The assumption that we can get these guys for around the price of their current salaries. 3. My ideas of what the most pressing needs are and the best options to fill them.

Ok Need Number 1: PG! starting with this because, based on Mr. Payne's exhaustive analysis, Brandon Knight i'm assuming is not the guy. The solution UFA Devin Harris of the Atlanta Hawks. Picked Harris because of his price 8.5 million and the similarity of his statistics to a recent DBB favorite

href="" class="sbn-auto-link">Ramon Sessions

. Stats career average per game: Harris Age 29 13.1 pts 5 assists 44% FG

Sessions Age 26 11.1 5 assists 45% FG

Other options Chris Paul salary 17.3 million Jose Calderon 10.6 million. Yes they're stats are better but because of the price tag thought we could put the money toward:

Need Number 2: An experienced center to ease the development of Andre Drummond and allow Greg Monroe to move to PF as soon as possible. The Solution- Al Jefferson price 15 million Stats Age 27 pts 16.2 bounds 8.9 blocks 1.4. Other options PF (Paul Millsap, David West, Dejuan Blair, Lamar Odom) Center (Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum) Went with Jefferson because you don't get those numbers from the PF'S and the top tier Centers are too expensive. I know there are other centers like Splitter 3.9 mill, Pekovic 4.9 mill and Dalembert 6.8 mill but they seem like MLE and you gotta go big or go home i feel.

Need Number 3: Prince eventual replacement at SF. The solution: The Draft- let's face it I don't think were outta the lotto this after this year so we'll have our first round pick NBADRAFT.NET has 6 guys listed as potential small forwards while Draft Express has 3 listed in the top 14. So the numbers look good for getting the guy we need and paying him a rookie salary. They only options for SF in FA are Rashard Lewis or Kyle Korver gross.

SG- EHHH we have Stuckey and Knight for 2 more years I think with the other guys we can survive with these two sharing SG for the forseeable future.

So there you go Harris and Jefferson cost us 23.5 million the rest we sign our 1st round SF draft pick. My totally unscientific, theoretical, and unsubstatiated analysis of the 2013 offseason. Feel free to discuss and enlighten me on the cap situation if you have the knowledge. Thanks!

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