Detroit Pistons 2012-2013 Schedule: Opener at home on Halloween vs. Houston Rockets

Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The 2012-2013 NBA schedule was released today! That means we have the Detroit Pistons' schedule. You can find it after the jump.

Some key notes about the season:

  • They open the season at home against the Rockets on Halloween. Then, they head out west for six straight. That shouldn't be a hard start at all.
  • They have three nationally televised games -- Nov. 16 vs. Magic (ESPN), Dec. 10 at 76ers (NBA TV), Feb. 27 at Wizards (ESPN), but those are always subject to change.
  • The January 17 home game vs. the Knicks might be played at an international venue. Time for the game is TBD.
  • After a grueling lockout shortened season, I'm counting only 15 back-to-backs, which I'm pretty sure is fewer than seasons past.
  • The Lakers game on Feb. 3 at 1 pm is on Super Bowl Sunday. So, you get some Pistons and Lions that day. And maybe another Detroit commercial.

Game times are at 7:30 p.m. ET unless otherwise noted

Oct. 31, vs. Rockets

Nov. 2, at Suns 10pm

Nov. 4, at Lakers 9:30pm

Nov. 6, at Nuggets 9pm

Nov. 7, at Kings 10pm

Nov. 9, at Thunder 8pm

Nov. 10, at Rockets 8pm

Nov. 12, vs. Thunder

Nov. 14, at 76ers 7pm

Nov. 16, vs. Magic 7pm ESPN

Nov. 18, vs. Celtics

Nov. 21, at Magic 7pm

Nov. 23, vs. Raptors

Nov. 25, at Knicks 1pm

Nov. 26, vs. Blazers

Nov. 28, vs. Suns

Nov. 30, at Grizzlies 8pm

Dec. 1, at Mavericks 9pm

Dec. 3, vs. Cavaliers

Dec. 5, vs. Warriors

Dec. 7, vs. Bulls

Dec. 8, at Cavaliers

Dec. 10, at 76ers NBATV

Dec. 11, vs. Nuggets

Dec. 14, at Nets

Dec. 15, vs. Pacers

Dec. 17, vs. Clippers

Dec. 19, at Raptors 7pm

Dec. 21, vs. Wizards

Dec. 22, at Wizards 7pm

Dec. 26, at Hawks

Dec. 28, vs. Heat

Dec. 30, vs. Bucks

Jan. 1, vs. Kings

Jan. 4, vs. Hawks

Jan. 6, vs. Bobcats

Jan. 11, at Bucks 8:30pm

Jan. 17, vs. Knicks TBD *international venue*

Jan. 20, vs. Celtics

Jan. 22, vs. Magic

Jan. 23, at Bulls 8pm

Jan. 25, at Heat

Jan. 27, at Magic 6pm

Jan. 29, vs. Bucks

Jan. 30, at Pacers 7pm

Feb. 1, vs. Cavaliers

Feb. 3, vs. Lakers 1pm

Feb. 4, at Knicks

Feb. 6, vs. Nets

Feb. 8, vs. Spurs

Feb. 9, at Bucks 8:30pm

Feb. 11, vs. Hornets

Feb. 13, vs. Wizards

Feb. 19, vs. Grizzlies

Feb. 20, at Bobcats 7pm

Feb. 22, at Pacers 7pm

Feb. 23, vs. Pacers

Feb. 25, vs. Hawks

Feb. 27, at Wizards 8pm ESPN

Mar. 1, at Hornets 8pm

Mar. 3, at Spurs 7pm

Mar. 6, vs. Knicks

Mar. 8, vs. Mavericks

Mar. 10, at Clippers 9:30pm

Mar. 11, at Jazz 9pm

Mar. 13, at Warriors 10:30pm

Mar. 16, at Blazers 10pm

Mar. 18, vs. Nets

Mar. 22, at Heat

Mar. 23, at Bobcats

Mar. 26, vs. Timberwolves

Mar. 29, vs. Raptors

Mar. 31, at Bulls 7pm

Apr. 1, at Raptors 7pm

Apr. 3, at Celtics

Apr. 6, at Timberwolves 8pm

Apr. 7, vs. Bulls

Apr. 10, at Cavaliers 7pm

Apr. 12, vs. Bobcats

Apr. 15, vs. 76ers

Apr. 17, at Nets 8pm

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