Panda Tournament 2: Final Four

Thanks to everybody for participating in the prelimnary round of the P.A.N.D.A. Tournament, now we take the ones that people selected and

SF clearout Moose Growth Centers Point Guard
Middleton gets waived Moose plays solid post D Maxiell puts up career bests Brandon Knight has lower turnovers
Prince gets traded Moose rebounds even better, Love-esque Kravtsov is ready to play 16 mins per game Brandon Knight has fewer FGA
Daye gets waived Moose gets more athletic in low post Ben Wallace returns as Asst Coach of Sho 'Nuff
Pistons sign Mike Bibby
Maggette gets traded Moose gets a block per game Drummond gets the numbers from that post Pistons trade for Jarrett Jack

Let's talk about the results from the open round:

SF Clearout - Looks like a lot of people want Prince Traded. Perhaps someone wants to fire up the Trade Machine and suggest some ways it could be done? (It doesn't look easy). Some people talked about Middleton being waived, or Daye becoming amazing. I think Daye is probably going to try and be a PF because he already knows when if he has to go to Europe after this season they are going to play him there, so he doesn't apply in this category. And I think Middleton getting waived, or going to the D-Leauge (both of which could happen) won't affect the team as much as Prince getting traded.

Moose Growth - Not a lot of people mentioned Solid D, which I thought was a real problem (see for yourself if you don't believe me), but perhaps that isn't as significant as the lack of Athleticism. Looks like a lot of people want a lot of things for Moose, and perhaps the answer is that he become more athletic and more of a leader. Looks like he already is working on the athletic part and if he gets vocal about where everybody should be, the team defense will take care of itself.

Centers - Drummond hits the numbers from Sean_Corp's post (Roughly 6/5/1 in 16mpg). If this happens, it is more important than 26-year old Kravtsov doing similar or Maxiell doing anything but getting traded but getting traded, and perhaps implies that Big Ben's presence isn't entirely necessary.

Point Guard - While I wanted Jarrett Jack (And still do, but it won't happen until december), looks like people wanted Brandon knight to improve one way or another. Some said Less FGA, some said Less TO, so let's say both! It would be nice to see someone else get minutes at PG, but since no one is here to do it (unless English or Bynum can magically become the a PG) perhaps Knight improving in these areas will be a big help.

Now these results will match up, tournament style, and you have to make choices about which you think would most impact the team. In the comments you can describe whether you want:

A: Moose gets more athletic and more vocal vs. Prince gets traded

B: Drummond gets the numbers from that post vs. Knight has lower TO and FGA

and of course,

Winner: Which do you think will be the most important development overall.

So put your A, B, and Winner in the comments, along with some rationale why. The thing that makes this different than a regular poll is that you have to choose between things that mostly people like, and therefore you have to make a choice about the degree to which one thing is better than another. Let us know why you think one thing is better than another, and critique others on their rationale as well.

Results: 8/24

New Development Winner votes x2 2nd place votes Total
Moose gets more athletic and more vocal 1 2 4
Prince gets traded 4 1 9
Drummond gets the numbers from that post 1 1 3
Knight has lower TO and FGA 2 4 8

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