Trade Radar - Point Guard Watch Part 2

I think the pickings are slim. Although I would like the Pistons to make a move to reduce their ranks at small forward, it's pretty hard to find a deal that either a) isn't really of very little impact - so why do it, or b) is a deal compelling enough to warrant the other team's interest.

After hours and hours of scouring the rosters of the NBA's teams I've come up with just two scenarios that seem possible, and may address concern a. Addressing concern b is tougher.

Toronto's interest in trading Jose Calderon, might wind up being simply a move to dump a player that they don't want. A lot has been already been written about whether he would make a good addition to our squad. I've just posted another comment to revken's article acquiescing to his argument of the benefits of obtaining the pass-first point guard. The real challenge though is obtaining him for what we have, or more accurately, what we are willing to offer (most likely Austin Daye and Charlie Villanueva).

I've come up with just one other possible deal that again seems to have merit and addresses concern a from above. Thinking back to before the draft, there were rumors circulating that had to have at least a few Piston fans intrigued about the possibility.

Golden State was rumored as wanting to rid themselves of Dorrell Wright (since traded) and Andris Biedrins (still on their roster as their third center option).

Their rotational depth chart provides a glimpse at what might make Charlie Villanueva and, or Austin Daye an interesting addition to their roster too. Golden State's primary power forward back-up at this time is Michell Gladness, and behind him is Dominic McGuire - neither household names. Therefore, it's feasible to believe that concern b is also addressed to some extent.

The dollar value of a deal is possible too, if we send CV and Daye for Andris Biedrins (26) and reserve point guard, Charles Jenkins (23).

Would Biedrins fit into a rotation with Drummond and Kravtov? Biedris is definitely another defensive presence that seems to fit the mold of what Lawrence Franks is looking for.

He would seem to likely solidify the move of Monroe to power forward, by giving the center position a proven veteran option. Since Biedrins is still just 26 he's got some potential staying power as well.

Drummond and Kravtov could to some extent also be given some playing time as a reserve power forward too. Essentially creating a four-man deep rotation in the immediate future for the big man roles on the team.

Whether the impact of this deal is better than simply acquiring Calderon alone is the final question.

It seems more difficult to find quality big men, however Calderon is an exceptional passing point guard.

Age would seem to favor the trade for Biedrins and Jenkins over Calderon(30).

Providing tutoring for Knight might be an advantage of trading for Calderon.

Having a superior 4 man deep big man rotation seems like it would put the Pistons in elite NBA company.

This latter trade I'm proposing would leave the Pistons looking something like this:

PG Knight 20, Jenkins 23, Bynum 29

SG Stuckey 26, English 24

SF Prince 32, Maggette 32, Singler 24, (Middleton 20)

PF Monroe 22, Jerebko 25, Maxiell 29, (Wallace 37)

C Biedris 26, Drummond 18, Kravtsov 24

The trade for Calderon would leave us looking something like this:

PG Knight 20, Calderon 30, Bynum 29

SG Stuckey 26, English 24

SF Prince 32, Maggette 32, Singler 24, (Middleton 20)

PF Maxiell 29, Jerebko 25, (Wallace 37)

C Monroe 22, Drummond 18, Kravtsov 24

At least in terms of starters, it seems that the impact of the one trade is Biedrins versus Maxiell. Of course the outlook for the future extends for years as it's less likely Maxiell would be retained after this year with the move of Monroe to power forward, while Biedrins who is 3 years younger and is under contract for 2 more years could prove to be a stabilizing force in the middle.

In terms of depth of rotation, the center position gains excellent depth. In the trade for Calderon, Knight and Stuckey could see their playing time reduced. This could be seen as being detrimental to their long term development, or simply helpful in providing a better overall back court. However, since Calderon is already 30, his abilities may begin to diminish more quickly over the next two years. Adding Calderon could also adversely affect the time Singler and Jerebko see too, in that Maggette might not be used as much as a shooting guard.

Both deals likely make the Pistons better next season. The deal for Calderon is really based on Toronto's willingness to dump him. The deal for Biedrins is also a dumping, but I believe they could be more motivated by the players they would receive than Toronto.

What deal, if either, appeals to you most?

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