Goin' To Work Pistons DVD Fan-pack

Since this is my first Fan Post I suppose I should introduce myself a little bit. I work as a graphic designer, obsess over music, recently started running again, and just genuinely love the Pistons. As a graphic designer, I like to do projects on my own time for fun and some good ol' self satisfaction. A recent effort went into making a DVD pack of the 2004 NBA Finals from a Detroit fan's perspective.

A friend of mine recently graduated with his Ph.D. and both of us are Piston's fans displaced in Chicago. I had told him a long time ago I had some mediocre quality videos of the Piston's 5-game sweep. Time went on, I didn't get them to him, and he finally graduated. So, I thought I'd turn it into a little package and give it to him as a just-for-fun grad gift. I went through hell trying to figure out how to make playable DVDs (definitely not a video guy) but ultimately got it to work. Then did all the package design work, printed, and finally made the thing.

It was a lot of fun to make and he seemed pretty happy to have it. It's fun to share that joyful connection with another Piston's fan. Which is why I wanted to share it with DBB and see what everyone thought. I read on here all the time and comment...rarely, but I do value the opinion of all you guys AND gals here. This is my favorite sports blog hands down and there are more than knowledgeable people here. So let me know what you think!

One thing you can't see is on the inside spread it lists the starting roster of both teams including there, position, number, height, and weight. All are listed normally except Shaq is listed at '65lbs overweight.' I just really don't like Shaq.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Sorry guys, I don't know how to embed the images into the post.


Forgot to mention that each disc has a menu track as well. I only used artists who were Michiganders.

GM 1: MC5 "Kick Out The Jams"

GM 2: Kid Rock "Cowboy" (I don't like Kid Rock but I also do NOT like the Lakers and this is the only game they won so choosing this song is a bit of a "Fuck you.")

GM 3: Blackmilk "Gotta Go"

GM 4: The White Stripes "Hello Operator"

GM 5: Stevie Wonder "Higher Ground"

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