Watching The Olympic Basketball Games In Shame

Oh, the life of a sad, sad Pistons fan. Watching high-profile players from the NBA lead their country to a gold medal. Except- none of our Pistons are in it.

Of course, in the 2008 Olympics, we all were sitting in our chairs rooting for Tayshaun Prince, the lone Piston in the Games, to do well.



However, we didn't get to see Tayshaun play that much, as he was the worst player on Team USA in 2008. Prince only averaged 11 minutes per game, 4.3 PPG (although he had 10 against Spain), and 1.9 RPG. The picture above was the only picture of Tayshaun in action I could find on USA Basketball's website, the others are him sitting on the bench or him with his gold medal.

Unfortunately, Tayshaun Prince isn't on the rise, he's in the decline of his career, so Pistons fans didn't expect him in the Olympics this summer.

But that begs the question- Was there a Piston who should have?

Let's go with yes.



Greg Monroe averaged 15.4 PPG and 9.7 RPG last year playing Center for the Pistons, a solid stat line. Also, Team USA was light on Centers, as backup Blake Griffin got injured just prior to London 2012. It seemed like the perfect fit for Greg Monroe to step in and contribute.

Instead, New Orleans Rookie Anthony Davis, who has yet to play an NBA game, got the call. Although Davis was dominant for Kentucky last season, he averaged less points than Monroe did IN THE NBA, is only 19 years old, and hasn't even played a professional game yet.

Greg Monroe himself was also mad about not getting the call. In an interview with Complex Mag, he said:

"No disrespect to those guys on the roster, but looking at the guys on the Select Team roster, I should have been on there," he said. "That's just how I feel. That's just the confidence I have in myself. The season I had, I don't know if I was considered, but at least (I should have been) invited. That's how I feel. Some people might feel differently but I think I should've been invited."

If Greg Monroe's not happy, there' s a good reason for his fanboys like us to get lonely too.

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