Amateur Researches Slava, Finds Some Information

Slava Kravtsov. Rarely do I have so little idea of what to expect out of a player. I did a minimal amount of research and would like to share my findings as well as my wild, only mildly substantiated opinions.

First, he is Ukrainian, or at least plays for Ukraine in the Eurobasket tournament. His name appears to actually be Viacheslav Kravtsov, so I guess Slava is like a nickname. He was born in 1987, so is 25. He is 2.12 meters, so somewhere between 6'11" and 7', and so is probably listed as 7'. Dude is tall, which is good because he is a center. The most recent stats I could find were from the eurobasket tournament which is either just finished or still happening. Either way, Ukraine is done, so these stats won't change:

8 Games Played, 22.4 minutes a game: Whatever.

21/32 FG (no 3pt) and 22/38 FT: Largely this is good. He seems to only shoot high percentage shots and isn't throwing up junk he can't make. Bad free throw shooter, but we love bad free throw shooting, right?

1.1 oreb/4.6 dreb/5.8 reb per game: Apparently Slava grabs 0.1 rebound a game that is neither defensive or offensive! Seriously, though, this is my area of concern. The guy is super big and only getting 12.4 RebPer48 in the Eurobasket? I expect it is harder to rebound in the NBA, but even if he keeps this, we are talking 40th ranked rebounder in the NBA. Actually, that isn't horrible for a back up center, but I expect that will come down. And yes, I get that we have Monroe for rebounding, but will he and Slava play together? I am worried about Kravtsov's boards.

1.6 TO per game: This is kinda high. It scales up to 3.4 TO/48m which is toward the highest in the NBA. Interesting side note: Monroe has 3.7 TO/48m, but he gets assists so is actually playmaking. Hopefully Slava isn't getting stripped all the time. I don't know if these turnovers are handling, bad pass, or what, but I have mild concerns there.

2.5 Blocks and 3.6 Fouls per game: Not sure what the different fouls represent on the Eurobasket site, but I will go with this. This is what Slava is good at. He blocks shots. Hopefully that will translate to the NBA, but I worry that the increased athleticism of guards and general height of all players will give him problems. Who knows?

Summary: It looks like Slava will be a serviceable, not particularly good backup center for our team. He is a bit old to expect a great deal of improvement from, so I doubt he will have a major impact.The main question, as always, is how will these stats translate to the NBA. I don't know.

Bonus content: I should note that this is a small sample, and he got 6 blocks in one game against Hungary. That may be inflating his averages somewhat. Also in that game he only got 3 rebounds. The balance between going for the block and going for the board may be an issue (I think it is going to be an issue for Drummond, too).

Bonus reflection: After doing this research, I feel like I know more about him, but not a lot. I guess I confirmed what I had previously guessed at. Anyway, please put your hopes and dreams of Slava in the comments.

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