Hollinger's playoff odds: Come on man!!!

Now, I love the Pistons as much as anyone, but this is too much for me. I'm bored, looking around and to see if there's anything on there about the game in London, or interesting articles on the Pistons, and I come across this (the picture above). Now, I was happy because it didn't show us as a bottom dweller and showed that we had better than a 1 in 3 chance of making it to the playoffs. But then I looked a little to my left and almost laughed out loud at work.

No, it wasn't the WORST record of 22-60, that is very possible. We're already 38 games into the season and have a 14-24 record. So yes, it is possible. It was just a little further left. A BEST possible record of 52-30!!! Yes, there are other teams that have just as laughable BEST records, but let's compare something real quick.

Miami is currently 24-12. Their BEST projected record according to this picture is 66-16, meaning they could only lose 4 games the rest of the year. With their team, if things were to start clicking (and they rebounded better), that is entirely possible. By my looking at the schedule, they have two more games against us and one more against Washington, so there goes three (I kid, I kid).

New York is currently 24-13 and have the same BEST projected record as Miami, meaning that they could only lose three more games this year. If they were to go back to the form they were in at the beginning of the season, that is possible. Not likely, but possible. They have had games where they were killer at the three point line, they have some solid defenders, and some players on the team aren't ball hogs. So it's possible.

But now let's look at the Pistons. For the Pistons to get to 52-30, they could only lose 6 more games this season. That means they'd finish the season, from this point on, going 38-6. Has Hollinger watched the Pistons? Yes, we're on a good stretch. We've won 7 of our last 10, have been playing respectable defense, and have been scoring more efficiently. But there was 9 home games in 10. Quality wins against MIA, ATL, and MIL, but a loss to the Bobcats. As much as I love the Pistons, have hopes that we have the core we need for the next few (hopefully 10) years, I see no way we only lose 6 games down the stretch. We just don't have it in us.

Now yes, there are other absurdities like the Raptors finishing 51-31, meaning they could only lose 7 more games, and others, but come on man. Now, there was this:


I'm more accepting of this ranking than I am willing to believe the best possible record of 52-30 with where we currently are. I probably wouldn't have even given the Pistons that record at the beginning of the season. (If I remember correctly, on my poll I voted 35-40 wins.) But this ranking has the Pistons as the 6th best team in the east. Eh, I can kind of see that. I do believe we're better than Milwaukee, Toronto and Philadelphia. However, I don't know if we're better than Boston nor Atlanta. Yes, we did take Atlanta to 2 OT in one game, but we had to really fight back to even have that opportunity. And then they came back in the next game against them. I do think 15th in the league is slightly generous, but not too outrageous.

But, as I always like to do, let's explore the hypothetical. HIGHLY unlikely, almost certainly impossible, wouldn't be surprised if we finished with the WORST expected record...but what would be your thoughts if the Pistons were to only lose 6 games the rest of the way? We have 44 games left, 21 home and 23 away (there should have been their first clue why it won't be that good). I'm pretty sure we've played more than 50% of the Western Conference games for the season, so now our SOS should be easier. We're not likely to make any trades, but the team has been gelling better lately. So, if we were to get that mark, which could potentially give us a 4th seed, we could possibly make it to the second round. Eh, what am I talking about, this must all have been a dream last night.

Give me your thoughts.

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