Pistons vs. Knicks: Detroit invades London

Feng Li

Hey, the Pistons sold out a home game! Sadly, they had to travel 3,700 miles from Auburn Hills to do it.

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Oh hey, everyone! Are you ready for afternoon basketball? With the Pistons and Knicks traveling several time zones in the wrong direction, their 8 p.m. GMT tip-off at London's O2 Arena means we get to enjoy a 3 p.m. ET start in Detroit. The game is on NBA TV, but if you're stuck in a cubicle, you can follow along in the comments here.

The Situation

The Knicks, who still have the second-best record in the East, are coming off a win Sunday vs. New Orleans, but they've won consecutive games just once since Dec. 15. The Pistons, meanwhile, have won seven in their last 10. That's something, right?

The Knicks will have Iman Shumpert back for the first time all season. The second-year guard, who tore his ACL seven months ago, should give New York a much-needed defensive boost. Just as important, his flat-top fade is extremely awesome. For more on Shumpert's return, check out Posting and Toasting.

Question of the Game

Will the Knicks make it rain from 3-point land? The Knicks smacked around the Pistons in November at MSG with a barrage of 3-pointers, cruising to a 21-point win.

Will Jonas play? Considering how long he's been out of the rotation, I doubt many fans are still asking this. But in a weird coincidence, that last game against the Knicks marked the first game of Jonas Jerebko's disappearance from the rotation -- he's played in just one game since. But despite playing close(r) to Sweden, Lawrence Frank has no plans to throw Jerebko a bone. From Vince Ellis:

Frank was asked if he felt pressure to play Jerebko in London with a group of family and friends -- including his grandparents -- on hand to watch.

Frank sympathized with Jerebko's plight, but said he didn't think a player would want to play under those circumstances.

"I don't think so," Frank said when asked about the possibility. "I don't think a player wants it (that way).

"If you're going to play him, play him. At the end of the day, you got to do what's in the best interest of the team."

Keys to the Game

Score more points than the other guys. Am I wrong?

Now your thoughts.

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