Third 8: 2011-12 (1-7) vs. 2012-13 (2-6)

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First 8: 2011-12 (2-6) vs. 2012-13 (0-8)

Second 8: 2011-12 (1-7) vs. 2012-13 (5-3)


2011-12 2012-13
East Opponents 6 4
West Opponents 2 4
Playoff Teams 5 5
Number of days 12 12
Back-to-Backs 3 3
Number of Time Zones Played 3 3
Number of Home Games 3 4

Well, it pretty much looks like the same schedule, so the same results could be expected. Well, 2-6 is almost as bad as 1-7.


We had previously seen improvement in our offense. Question is, does it continue?

2011-12 2012-13
Average Points 88.75 92.5
Opponents Points 101.00 96.875
Assist Per Game 17.625 17.625
Point Differential -12.25 -4.375
Possessions Per Game 87.424 89.511
Turnovers 12.75 13.875
TS% 49.8% 51.2%
Offensive Rebounding 11.75 12.375
3P% 32.5% 33.8%

Of the 9 measures, 7 of them were improvements over last year, one was worse (thanks Brandon), and the other was a tie. And some are quite decent improvements. We are scoring 3.75 points more, allowing 4.125 points less, are getting more than 2 extra possessions a game, and shooting better. I'd call that improvement.


2011-12 2012-13
Defensive Rebounding 27.125 30.75
Blocks Per Game 3.5 6.625
Steals Per Game 5.875 6.5
Opponent Offensive Rebounds 9.00 13.25
Opponent FG% 50.8% 44.1%
Opponent 3P% 43.6% 32.0%

Well, of the 6 categories, 5 of them were improvements and only one was in the negative. Again, as with offense, there were major improvements though. Almost doubled the number of blocks a game, cut more than 6% off OPP FG% and over 11.5% on OPP 3P%. That's highly encouraging.


So, of 15 categories, we had 12 positive, 2 negative, and one a tie. When you take into account the amount of each improvement with how many categories were improvements, you'd think the Pistons did much better than 1-7 in the same stretch last year. But they didn't. So while I'm encouraged by the improvement, we didn't see it where we thought we would. Wait, I think I heard that said somewhere before. Comparatively, we were 4-20 at this time last year, this time we're 7-17, so that's encouraging.

Sorry for this one being late. Holidays took up most of my time. I'm going to update the other posts with the new color scheme and get the next 8 up as well. Thanks for reading.

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