Been a While Since We Bemoaned Stuckey's Limitations...


Figured I'd restart that conversation.

It's kinda great that we can spend a full year talking about Drummond being all world. (Yay!). Moose maybe not quite being all-star caliber. (Still real good.) Whether or not Daye sucks. (Two decent weeks in four years...that is my answer.)

It's not good that we get to seriously debate if Will Bynum is the team's best point guard. (You know, he's been his 2010 self this year. That's good for the team and remains a good story. BUT THE BEST POINT GUARD ON AN NBA ROSTER? This is depressing.)

Lost in the shuffle has been yet another maddeningly just-not-very-useful half-season from fringe cornerstone (one of three or four) of the future Rodney Stuckey. During his Feb-March run last year, every bone in me said it was time to trade him. His stock was at all all-time high.

Coming into this year, past history made this season a fairly predictable affair. Rodney Stuck would..

-- play in about 70 games

-- be injury- /-head-up-ass limited in about 20 of those

-- be a decent rotation guard in another 30

-- be really good in about 20.

At the forty game point, here's my (ultimately kinda flimsy, I admit) report:

-- he's missed 5 games, so on track to play 71-72. Check.

-- his "dang, wish he'd been too banged up play" nights? Well, we can start with the first seven games of the season in which he was at 35% on field goals, including three or four of the worst games of his career. I'll grace him the 5-14 outing against the Thunder, as he had a 6:0 Asst/TO ratio. But we also need to account for 0 points, 0 assists, 3 TOs against the Knicks, 2-9, 0 assts., 1TO against the Raptors, and 7 FGs, 10 assts, 8 TOs in the LAST FOUR GAMES COMBINED. Rodney has not been very good this year. If we're being generous, he's on target for 20-25 nights in which he's a net negative this season.

-- His "really good" games so far? Well, he's broken 20 once this season and coupled with a 7:2 point guardy stat, we'll take that any night. He's shot at 50% or better six times this year, (but only thrice with 10 or more shots). There was a lovely ten game stretch where he managed 42 assts. and only 16 TOs and averaged about 15 points a game. That's been his high water mark and without looking at advanced stats or knowing about his defense or intanglibles, I argue that if this is as good as Rodney gets this year, it may be his least inspiring "good" of his career. In short, I can't give him ten "really goods", thus far. And that leaves a few more m'ehs than normal.

Damn, I wish we'd gotten something for him. 2012-2013 features a typically injured Rodney, a worse bad Rodney, a less good very good Rodney, and a bit more "m'eh, whateva" Rodney. It doesn't hurt to have him on the roster. But he's not a particular plus and I suspect he'll never be as an attractive an asset to another team as he was eight to ten months ago.

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