Efficiency and Consistency

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The Pistons two most efficient players are Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. But for a team to thrive, the most efficient players need to also be consistent.

Player EFF PER FG%
Greg Monroe 18.96 19.4 48.5%
Andre Drummond 13.89 22.9 60.6%

Going into this season, not knowing what we know now about Drummond, I expected Monroe to play a ton of minutes and more than likely be the person with the most shots on most nights. Now seeing how efficient Drummond is, I'd expect him to get more touches on a consistent basis, making both Monroe and Drummond to be likely two of the top four shooters each game (attempts wise). Well, let's start with Greg.

Greg Monroe

I have never really expected him to shoot much more than 15 times a game. He's not a volume scorer, and I'm happy about that. For him to average the 20 PPG I hoped he would at the beginning of the season, accounting for about 4 made free throws a game, and him having averaged 53.3% from the first in his career, I though 16 shots a game would be good. Obviously he'd have some nights where he was off and some nights where he was better than usual, but I wanted him to average about 16 shots a game. So far this season, he's only averaging 12.6 shots a game. Now, this number is up from his previous seasons (6.9 and 11.8 respectively), but not enough for who our best player was going into the season.

Month AVG FGM AVG FGA FG% AVG FGA /Wins AVG FGM /Wins FG% /Wins AVG FGA /Losses AVG FGM /Losses FG% /Losses
October 7 13 53.8% N/A N/A N/A 7 13 53.8%
November 6.5 13.6 47.9% 7.0 14.0 50.0% 6.3 13.4 46.9%
December 5.3 11.7 44.9% 4.3 9.8 44.1% 5.8 12.8 45.3%
January 6.7 12.5 53.3% 6.8 13.5 50.6% 6.5 11.5 56.5%

Now, Greg is averaging the most attempts per game on the team, but I'm not sure if that's enough. And here's where the consistency issue comes in. In November he shot about the same regardless if we won or lost and was more efficient when we won. That's expected. But then comes December, where he shoots more attempts and is more efficient in our losses than he does our wins. And then to flip it again, he shoots more in our wins, but not as efficient (as compared to his efficiency in our losses). Now, obviously, I know schedule, playing time, foul trouble, playing time with Drummond, opponent, home vs. road and other factors come into play, but just as was discussed about Brandon Knight at the beginning of the season, Monroe is looking rather inconsistent.

Now by no means do I think he's a bad player or that we should trade him now. I think this is something that is easily correctable with the proper plays being called. But even with that, I don't know if this is something we should worry about until after Drummond has played a while in the starting lineup. I just wanted to bring it up for us to keep an eye on it.

Andre Drummond

We all expected, and still somewhat expect, inconsistency from a 19-year old rookie. But so far, I think he's making our hopes just a little too high about his ceiling with his efficient and consistent play.

Month AVG FGM AVG FGA FG% AVG FGA /Wins AVG FGM /Wins FG% /Wins AVG FGA /Losses AVG FGM /Losses FG% /Losses
October 1 1 100.0% N/A N/A N/A 1 1 100.0%
November 2.8 4.9 55.7% 3.0 6.6 45.5% 2.6 4.2 63.0%
December 3.5 5.8 60.9% 3.8 6.7 57.5% 3.3 5.2 63.5%
January 4.2 6.4 64.9% 3.3 5.3 62.5% 5 7.5 66.7%

As you can see, Drummond is pretty much the same in our losses in every month (excluding October). He's getting more attempts, but he's executing them at the same rate. The inconsistency is the fact that he's more productive in our losses than he is our wins. However, he's becoming more consistent and efficient in our wins as the season progresses. With there being one more game left in January, it does make me wonder why he's averaging fewer shots this month. But I'm glad to see he's executing them at an even better percentage.

Now, the growth will have to stop somewhere. Most of his shots are on lobs, put back dunks, and the like as compared to back to the basket play (though I hope he eventually develops that as well). If he were trying a hook shot from about 5+ feet out, I'm sure his percentages would likely drop. And as he gets more minutes, I do expect his attempts to go up. Let's hope his execution stays as consistent and efficient as it has.

Going (Power) Forward

Eventually, it's going to happen. Monroe will slide over to the starting PF spot and Drummond will be the starting C. Whether it happens this year or next, it will happen, and for at least one season (crosses fingers). Hoping that our defense is as good as, if not better than, it is now, they may not need to score many more points than they already do. If we land/draft a true PG that can pass the ball where the players need them (lobs for Dre, pick and pops/rolls for Monroe), both their shot attempts and efficiency is likely to go up. We know Monroe can hit a 15-17 foot shot, and if he's shooting it more from there he may shoot it at a better clip, but there will be growing pains at first.

I think it is perfectly possible for our two bigs to average 16 PPG and 10 RPG a game (by next season). However, I think if Drummond is in the game long enough to get 16 PPG, he's more than likely going to get about 12 RPG. These are no superstar numbers, and I've never been a fan of needing a superstar for a team. We will still need help from other parts of the court at just about the same clip. I'd rather have 3-4 16+ PPG players who are efficient than one or two efficient 24+ PPG "specialists" with a bunch of mediocre players. If Knight were to permanently get moved over to SG (whether he starts or not doesn't matter) and average the 18 PPG he's capable of, then we would only need one more player, preferably who's also decent at distributing the ball, that can also get 15+ PPG and I think we'd be set for decent playoff runs.

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