Pistons in NBA 2k14

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So I know a lot of you fans out there are playing the Pistons in NBA 2k14. This year, the team is far more viable than before, and we have a lot of scoring options. But winning, especially in online, is still a challenge for me with this team. There are no guides for playing the Pistons out there, but I thought I might be able to get some feedback from the community. So the idea is, everyone put in your lineups and offensive gameplay and lets share and come up with good schemes to make this team a winner online ;)

I'll start with myself:

1. Most important thing I do is get Josh Smith out of the starting lineup. I noticed if I have all three playing together from the beginning I usually end up with a really tough time balancing minutes, and will have runs with neither of the big 3 on the floor. That means 0 rebounds, and little production.

2. Picks: Picks are a big part of the Piston's repertoire in real life and almost as much in my game. The only problem is that usually the game will have both bigs down at the post. When you do a pick with one, the other is still there along with a defending big. This makes it very tricky and less effective than it otherwise should have been. Drummond and Monroe also don't have enough strength to finish over defenders. another difficulty in game.

3. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: KCP, despite having a relatively low ranking is a very good player in 2k14. His shot is great so long as you run plays for him. Floppy is a staple of the Detroit offense. I have him running down at the baseline and coming up to the three point line. Good for at least 3-4 three pointers a game.

4. Inside outside: If you get Monroe going, his passing ability is really helpful to get outside shooters involved. Pass down to the block. Wait for a double team or an open perimeter shooter and pass to them. They will get a bonus accuracy because of Monroe's special ability (passing from the post)


1. In real life, the pistons channel most of their offense through Greg Monroe, usually from the high post where he can either drive to the basket, or pass to open cutters. Unfortunately, in 2k14, the playbook has him at the low post most of the time and he isn't a good post player in game which means we have to rely on a lot of garbage points for him. While garbage points are a big part of his production, his passing ability and driving are limited if he has to stick down low.

2. The Pistons playbook: A lot of the plays in there just aren't good for this Pistons team. There aren't many pick and rolls in the playbook. Horns I think will be a big thing this year and is a play I would love with this team as it opens up a lot of possibilities and it opens up space for Drummond or Monroe or Smith to get down low, but barely features in the playbook.

3. Stats: A few of the stats really limit production. Post play is really underrated for monroe. Strength is horrible for our big three which means finishing over others is difficult (Josh Smith, Drummond, and Monroe strength in the 60s less than Bynum? Come on!). Drummond needs to have better dunking and finishing, because he is really one of the better posterizers finishers in the NBA, and this just doesn't translate at all into the game. In exchange, they can tone down on Smith's shooting for example which I feel is a bit overrated in game.

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