Pistons news: Rodney Stuckey's status, John Wall flopping and more


After winning the opener, the Pistons are in Memphis on Friday night. Back to the layup lines.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could take a few extra days to revel in the Pistons' opening night win and/or just go ahead and declare them NBA champions until we absolutely can't hit the snooze button on real life any longer? I think so. But the Pistons are right back at it Friday night for Game 2 of the season, on the road against a very good (0-1) Memphis Grizzlies team that made it to the Western Conference finals a year ago. It will be the Grizzlies' home opener.

-- And Rodney Stuckey could be starting. Cheeks wouldn't rule out starting him anyhow. Either way, he'll be available. It will be interesting to see how Cheeks adjusts the minutes in the backcourt, although I would guess that both Billups and Bynum see a slight decrease with Bynum going to the bench to start.

-- The NBA warned John Wall after this flop late in Wednesday night's game [video via ProBasketballTalk]:

Wall's next flop will cost him. Wall also drew a bad (and late) foul call earlier in the game by recklessly throwing himself into a mostly-stationary Andre Drummond.

-- The Pistons' win drew the highest ratings in Fox Sports Detroit history for a Pistons season opener. It was the highest watched Pistons regular season game since 2009, the last year the team made it to the playoffs.

-- The last time the Pistons made the playoffs they had a huge Question mark at guard. He officially retired on Wednesday.

-- To provide full closure on whatever that was, let's watch Chauncey Billups being reintroduced to The Palace again:

-- Attention is turned to Friday night's game against the Griz. Greg Monroe will be going up against Michigan State product Zach Randolph. Monroe admires Randolph [via Freep]:

"The way he's successful without using athleticism, I think we're similar in that regard," Monroe said today. "It's just seeing the things he does. We're both left-handed. It's just watching the things he does and trying to find ways to get better."

-- Yes, Monroe and Randolph have similarities. You know who else do? Andre Drummond and Quincey Pondexter. Pondexter got a date with Miss Tennessee through Twitter, similar to Drummond's tale of Twitter love. The Grizzlies just signed Pondexter to an extension on Thursday, a deal reportedly worth $15 million over four years.

-- Shiny will have the opponent recon soon, followed shortly thereafter by Revken's game preview. In the meantime, more reading material on the Grizzlies can be found at Grizzly Bear Blues, SB Nation's Memphis Grizzlies blog.

-- self'stache proMOtion: I'm going to grow something on my upper lip in November for Movember, which, as most of you probably already know, helps raise funds to fight prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. It will be the first time in my life I will go a month without shaving my upper lip and not-so-coincidentally might be the rockiest month of my marriage. Support my stache, but more importantly, support the cause, if you'd like.

Now, your thoughts, before we go walking in Memphis.

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