Video Gaming Post, GTA 5 and 2k14 ... also Greg Monroe!

To stay in the realm of sports talk and basketball/Pistons talk that this blog is associated, I will get out the requirements of on-topic right now.

I think Greg Monroe is a pretty spiffy basketball player.

Figured I'd get a couple more looks if I mentioned Greg Monroe. Done and done.

With that out of the way, here's a quick shout-out from me in terms of non-basketball gaming. Feel free to remove this if it bothers you that badly, honchos.

Anyone play GTA 5 online, on the Xbox 360? Let me know if you want to game some sessions ... include your gamertag in the comments and I'll friend you on XBL.

I can help you work towards the online achievements, seeing as I have all of them and have an idea of how best to go about doing so.

I'm also looking to maintain my lofty status in my Rockstar crew, and that means I need more people to find and play sessions together to accomplish that goal.

I'm actually a mild-mannered well-spoken person over a mic, which is a complete opposite to what you know about me from this blog. So that's something to consider, for curiosity's sake.

Plus, it's a way to help yourself make more in-game money, as you can never have enough of that in GTA 5, seeing as they made it a pain in the ass to secure serious loot because Rockstar wants to sell those pricey cash cards to people.

Other games that I play online ... I also have a Steam account, and from time to time I play Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 on there, and Civ 5. I'm not that big of a multiplayer gamer, and I almost never play sports games online, as I prefer playing them with the other person in the room.

Speaking of sports games ... I think I'm skipping NBA 2k14 because I can't stand LeBron James. Apparently they changed the controller mechanics yet again, so there's that stumbling block as well. I might get it when it goes rock-bottom on a future seasonal Steam sale, so I can at least trade most of the current Pistons roster away, as I usually do the last 4-5 years now, in favor of self-created supermen that I rig to get on the Pistons via draft and trade.

My question to you, on the subject of 2k14 ... should I even bother with 2k14? I liked 2k13, but I was a bit underwhelmed with the PC version the last couple of years, as the 360 version had more modes, like all-star weekend and whatnot. I do like modding NBA 2k games on PC though because it's nice to have access to '03-04 custom roster for Detroit in exhibition mode, complete with modern graphics. Plus I like simming games to watch via the Goin 2 Work and Bad Boys to see them duke it out for All-Time Boss Pistons Team status.

So yeah, gamertag if you're interested, and give me advice about the 2k14 buy ... lmk.

Or, just tell everyone what you're gaming right now, what you're looking forward to in the gaming universe, board game, video game, card game, whatever you're playing ... I always like to see what others are up to in terms of gaming.

On that tip, I'm thinking of getting Settlers of Catan, both the board game and the 360-version of it via the marketplace. That game's fun, even if you're losing ... you can cause trouble for the front-runners by blockading them with no trades, things like that. Catan ... good times.

Also here's a poll ... leave your own descriptors for Greg in the comments as well, if you can't find one that works for you.

Yay scattergun FanPosts!

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