What The Pistons Should Have Done Last Summer......

It has certainly been a frustrating start for our Pistons this season. Don't get me wrong, I haven't given up on this team, but I don't really think this team is that good. This made we wonder what the Pistons could have done differently this summer to build a solid ball-club. Here's what I came up with:

The Mistakes

First of all, the Josh Smith signing was a mistake. He is a good player and a talent upgrade over Kyle Singler at the three, but it's almost impossible to win games when there is no spacing or outside shooting.

Second, it was a good move to get rid of Knight, but I'm not sure Jennings was the guy Detroit needed. The Pistons are asking both players to do things that they haven't done before in their respective careers: Smith playing the three, and Jennings being a facilitator.

I'm not sure if it's just some rookie jitters, but KCP has been terrible so far. I like his aggressiveness and effort, but he simply hasn't shown that he can shoot the basketball consistantly.

What We Should Have Done

1. Draft Michael Carter-Williams: In hind-sight, this is the obvious move. So far, MCW has been fantastic for the 76ers this season. He's not only shown the ability to be a facilitator, but also the ability to score and defend.

2. Sign Kevin Martin: Despite having a dismal postseason for the Thunder, Martin is still an elite outside shooter and scorer at the two. He would have been a perfect player to put next to Carter-Williams to fill out the back court.

3. Trade Brandon Knight, Charlie V, and Kris Middleton for Rudy Gay: This might be a small stretch, but realistic enough to happen. Yes, Gay takes poor shots occasionally (or all the time), but with the roster I've created so far, the Pistons need a go-to scorer. Enter Rudy Gay, someone who can score with ease and has good size at the three. At this point, Detroit's starting line-up would be MCW, Martin, Gay, Monroe, and Drummond.

Filling Out The Bench

1. Re-sign Will Bynum: The chemistry Bynum has with Drummond would have been too much to pass up on.

2. Sign Jeff Adrian: Adrian's stats are nothing worth noting, averaging only 3.3 points, 5 rebounds, and a block a game so far this season, but I love Adrian's hustle, size, and effort. Adrain would have added a defensive edge to the Piston's bench.

3. Sign Brandan Wright: Wright would have added some much needed front court scoring to Detroit's second unit while giving Kravstov more time to mature as a big man. Wright could have also spread the floor with his outside shooting ability.

With All Of These Moves, Here's What We Would have Had:

1. Micheal Carter-Williams/ Will Bynum/ Siva

2. Kevin Martin/ Rodney Stuckey

3. Rudy Gay/ Kyle Singler/ Gigi

4. Greg Monroe/ Jeff Adrian/

5. Drummond/ Brandan Wright/ Kravstov

Anyway, thanks for reading and please comment below!

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