Pistons vs. Timberwolves final score: Minnesota wins big, 121-94

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic outplayed Detroit's big men.

What happened:

After a fairly even and exciting back-and-forth first quarter, the Minnesota Timberwolves dominated the Pistons in the final three frames, beating Detroit for the seventh straight time. 88-62 was the lopsided score in those final 36 minutes. If not for a Tony Mitchell buzzer beater in the fourth, the Pistons would've lost by 30.

Who stood out:

Kevin Love, out by the three-point line, all by himself. Playing his first game in over a week after the death of his grandmother, Love scored 26 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. 22 of his points came on three pointers and free throws. He attempted more free throws than the Pistons made from the line.

What stood out:

The Minnesota big men (Love and Pekovic) outscored Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond 44-18. Of course, Monroe and Drummond only attempted 16 shots, 13 fewer than Minnesota's pair of bigs. But Minnesota's bigs were clearly better in this one.

The Timberwolves shot 33 free throws in all to the Pistons' 16. The refs didn't help. Rodney Stuckey's eventual return should help.


-- The last Pistons win against the Timberwolves was in the 2009-2010 season.

-- Chauncey Billups came off the bench for the first time in almost a decade in his first action since last month. He scored 7 points and dished out 5 assists with no turnovers in 17 minutes.

-- Andre Drummond's streak of games with 6 or more offensive rebounds came to a halt. He only put up 8 points and 8 rebounds total.

-- Greg Monroe only played 20 minutes.

-- Jonas Jerebko had an awesome hustle one-handed tip dunk over Corey Brewer that was whistled for goaltending. Jerebko let out a rebel yell and made a face and everything -- only to have it never count. (Although two pics are in the editorial! We'll have to publish them for POSTERity's sake.)

-- Box score

-- Remember how exciting it was to sign Italian League MVP Gigi Datome? Well, he is 0-for-10 shooting in his last two games.

-- Roll Call

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