Mostly Unrelated Post Except for Josh Smith - Video Game Thread 2

So let's get this out of the way. Honchos, be gentle?

Let us choose what best describes Josh Smith, per the poll I included. I think Josh Smith is a basketball player who plays for the Detroit Pistons.



And now, for some but probably more than some of us gamers, in my best Professor Farnsworth voice, "GOOD NEWWWS, EVERYONE."

Fallout 4 is for real. It will be set in Boston.

There are some exceptions to my general distaste of all things Boston. A fictional game universe would be one of those exceptions, although if every voice actor talks like "WAHT THA CRAP IS WITH AHL THA PAHKED CAHS EVRYWHEAIR" then that might get on my nerves.

GTA 5, are you over it? I'm over it. Next-gen killed the last-gen star? Not for me. I just got tired of all the glitchy things and their constant tweaking of the game and making it worse every time. So that's that on that.

What are you playing right now?

For me, it's a combination of NBA 2k13, which I didn't much touch all last year due to bummer Pistons season, man, and I have a few other games I have yet to crack. I also helped an online friend do a co-op playthrough of Saints Row 2 because I really like that game a lot and it's always fun to go back and repeat.

Which brings up an issue I give to you ... some people only play a game once, and that's it. They tell me they get bored from the repetition, chiefly similarity in quests and tasks, and that sometimes they don't even finish the game if it's too much content because they get overwhelmed. I can understand that feeling.

Then sometimes I hear those same people tell me they play whatever new-yeared NBA 2k game it is and I ask them how is it different from whatever other game that you get bored and do not want to finish or replay because, *deep breath* ... aren't you playing the same 2k game over and over with slightly updated graphics and rosters of players? Then their head explodes.

So are you the type who can replay favorite games over and over, from start to finish, hitting every scenic route along the way? Or are you a one-and-done? If so, why? Is life too short, therefore there's not enough time, either because of daily responsibilities and shortened 'me-time' that one has, against the sheer limitless number of choices for entertainment? What decides when you've had enough of a particular game?

I hear Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is pretty entertaining, if you like pirates, and pirate-themed material.

Anyone playing Ryse, or Dead Rising 3? If so, how is it? How about Killzone: Shadow Fall? Are you playing some other console exclusive that you're loving right now?

Or was your new-gen console delayed due to it being broken, and you are still waiting for the repaired box to return? I heard that's happening with both the XB1 and the PS4, although not nearly as often as it happened with the 360.

Other than that, I leave you with that Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion" feeling I felt from knowing there's a new Fallout game on the way. Post-apocalyptic sandbox gaming news was never this exciting for me, for some time. This definitely helped me get over the bummer that was another Pistons loss.

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