Disappointed and Underwhelmed with the Game Experience

Over the weekend 5 of my friends and I attended the Pistons/Rockets game. We left early after feeling underwhelmed and disappointed with the entire experience. I'm not one to write a 1000 word article, so here are some of my Festivus grievances:

Ticket Cost

Each ticket was $55 for the upper deck. Now, this was the 2nd row and right around mid-court, so it was still a nice view, but still too expensive for a mediocre team that's been terrible the past 3 seasons.

Swag Store

Again, way overpriced. There's no way I'm paying $75 for a track jacket. Not only that, but my buddy was told they were all out of Kyle Singler jerseys. However, they had plenty of ones for bench warmer wonders Luigi Datome and Peyton Siva!

Overall Palace Experience

Having a shuttle service from Hoops, a local bar was fantastic. Once we got inside though, I noticed the old showcases and displays were covered by corporate accounts. I'm sure that was moved to another spot in the building, but there's no clear indication of where that's being housed currently. Also, I was sad to see/hear that they're no longer using The Final Countdown during introductions. I know it's a 30 year old song, but some things are tradition! That combined with zero pyro did little to warm up the crowd before the game. I'm also annoyed by playing music every other time down the floor throughout the game too.

The Product

This is still a mediocre team. Sure, there's plenty of hope in relation to the roster over the last few years, but this game was downright boring. Certainly not worthy of the $100+ I dropped on food, drink, and ticket.

Watching Drummond and Monroe get abused by Dwight Howard was depressing. Witnessing Josh Smith chucking 18 and 20 footers and ending runs was infuriating. So much so that I started booing him every time he launched a long jumper. He's my least favorite Piston on this team, and that's saying something considering Charlie Villanueva still plays in Detroit (and got burn over Harrellson/Jerebko to the enjoyment of nobody).

Mo Cheeks deciding to not double Howard was just as maddening as well. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered, but the defense was absolutely atrocious.


I've been to several games at the Palace - including the Grant Hill teal days, the Going to Work era, and the dark ages known as 2008 to 2012. This game, all things considered, is at the very top of the list when I think of the worst Pistons games I've attended, and probably in the category for professional sports games as well.

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