Money matters

I just wanted to throw a few things against the wall and see what sticks.

With all this "we must trade Greg because he's not a max player" from one camp and the "smith is a bad player so you can't trade Greg Monroe" (no logic there) and the third "we can't pay everybody so trade Josh, also because he sucks" (makes a bit more sense) talk. I think it's best we look at a few big picture topics.

with that being said, let's look at the numbers of a few things. I know this was brought up in the past but if i recall a few things were left out, or maybe we just need a refresher.

Fact 1: Josh does not get raises in his contract.

Why that's important: Josh takes up a smaller percent of the cap each year he is on the team, provided the cap increases as projected.

Fact 2: The Nba tv deal runs through the 2015-2016 season

Why that's important: This could be a great thing for Detroit if they play their cards right. Let's say you do really want to keep Monroe and the only way to keep him happy is with the 5 year extension (WHAT, what about Drummond!!!)

well if you give Monroe the five year starting next season before the new TV deal you could pay him about the same in five years then you would Drummond in 4 (his contract extension would start the same year as the tv deal)

Greg is eligable for a 25% cap extension because he did not meet the requirments for the "derrick Rose" 30%. If the cap goes to 60 mill, which was the last projection I read for next year, he would get paid 15 million in year one with 7.5% raises

year 1 15,000,000

year 2 16,125,000

year 3 17,334,400

year 4 18,634,500

year 5 20,032,100

total $87,126,000

Now Drummond, let's say the cap only goes up to 63 million the year before the tv deal ( much lower then expected). The current Espn deal pays 3.9 Billion dollars total but around $930 million per year if you include Turners TNT games and shows, I have read reports that say the next deal should increase by at least 100% to catch up to the market (not including NFL, you can't catch them) so let's say it only increases by 75% to 1.63 Billion a year (give or take) and that would increase the salary cap by 11.7 million dollars ((1.63billion-.93billion)x.5nba % income to players)/30 total teams=11.7. Andre could get the derrick rose 30% so his starting salary would be 22.41 million but if he only get the 25%

year 1 18,675,000

year 2 20,075,600

year 3 21,581,300

year 4 23,199,900

total $83,531,800

Fact 3: There is currently only 3 people (4 with Greg extension) under contract for the first year of Andre's extension

Why that's important:

that puts us at in 53.65 million for Andre, Josh, Monroe, and KCP with an expected cap of 74.7 million. 21 million dollars to spend with josh as an expiring 14 million contract and two (three if KCP gets there) All start players in Greg and Andrea. Don't forget that that 74.7 is a low end estimate and would only effect Andre's contract not Greg's or Josh's so there could be plenty of room

Fact 4: When Josh Smith's contract ends Andre will be 23 and Greg will be 26

Why that's important: This is the big one. I brought this up briefly when we first signed Josh but I think it got lost a bit.

There has never been an NBA champion who's best player was 23. ( Magic is close at 20, but he did have that one dude... NBA scoring leader... what's his name ?) Smiths contract will be over before we are truly ready to compete. He was signed to get us to the playoffs and be a stable team when we are looking for the right championship pieces 4 years from now. If we make a good splash and luck into a east finals before then, great. If not, that's okay too , because it probably wasn't the plan anyway. Don't pull a Cavs and give up all of your future to try and win before Andre is ready. No more trading picks unless it's for young complimentary players.

RECAP: Andre is without a doubt the future of this team. All moves need to be made with him in mind, he will not be able to lead a team to a title for at least 3 years if history holds true. We will have plenty of money to keep players we NEED to keep. Pistons will make the playoffs this year as long as there isn't a major injury to Monroe or Drummond.

Side note: I was all for the Smith signing, I am disappointed in his play. I was nervous about the Brandon Jennings trade, I am becoming happy with his play. If we could get back either Bynum or Billups and just play them 10-15 as a back-up pg we'll have a good rotation. No more Siva for now (he needs to get some D-league under his belt), no more Billups starting at SG and we will be fine.

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