Andre Drummond's Rookie Year in Piston History

So in anticipation of Calderon playing tonight (one of the first things I thought of when I woke up this morning), I've not done much at work and have been looking around online to find any updates that I can. I know he has to pass his physical, he supposedly arrived in Detroit yesterday, and I was hoping he was going to have a press conference. I sent a message to the Detroit Pistons Facebook yesterday asking if there was going to be a press conference when he arrives, but they responded:

Hi Jason, Jose will be speaking with the media after practice tomorrow. There won't be a full press conference, but keep checking the page for updates. Thanks!

Phoey! So this morning, while I was looking around online, I checked the Game Notes on And the starting lineup is....

F #25 Kyle Singler
6-8 230
AVERAGES 8.5 Pts 3.8 Rebs 1.2 Asts
LAST GAME:Five point, four rebounds, two steals and two blocks in 30 minutes at Indiana (1/30). NOTES: Tied a career-high three steals at Miami (1/25)...Recorded his first career double-double tying a career-high 16 points and career highs in rebounds (10) and assists (5) vs. Portland (11/26)...Averaging 8.6 points in 38 games as a starter...Ranks first among rookies in three-point field goal percentage.
F #54 Jason Maxiell
6-7 260
AVERAGES 7.4 Pts 6.0 Rebs 3.2 Asts
LAST GAME: Two points, five rebounds and two blocks in 17 minutes at Indiana (1/30). NOTES: Recorded his 3,000th career point at Chicago (1/23)...Scored a season-high 18 points and tied a career-high six blocks vs. Denver (12/11)...Recorded his 2,000th career rebound vs. Cleveland (12/3)...Tied career-high six blocks vs. Denver (12/11)
C #10 Greg Monroe
6-11 250
AVERAGES 15.7 Pts 9.1 Rebs 3.2 Asts
LAST GAME: 14 points, three rebounds, two assists and two steals in 34 minutes at Indiana (1/30). NOTES: Averaging 20.0 points in his last four games...Scored a career-high 35 points at Toronto (12/19)...Recorded his 2,000th career point and 2,000th career rebound at New York (11/25)...Grabbed a season-high 18 rebounds at Philadelphia (11/14)...Tied a career-high four steals vs. Oklahoma City (11/12)...Tied a career-high three blocks at OKC (11/9).
G #3 Rodney Stuckey
6-8 230
AVERAGES 11.4 Pts 2.7 Rebs 3.9 Asts
LAST GAME: 14 points, three rebounds, two assists and two steals in 34 minutes at Indiana (1/30). NOTES: Recorded his 5,000th career point vs. New York (1/17)...Tied a career-high two blocks at Milwaukee (1/11)...Recorded a season-high three steals vs. Charlotte (1/6)...Dished out a season-high 11 assists in a season-high 44 minutes at Atlanta (12/26)...Recorded a season-high 24 points vs. Chicago (12/7)
G #7 Brandon Knight
6-3 187
AVERAGES 13.9 Pts 3.4 Rebs 4.3 Asts
LAST GAME: Seven points and four assists in 28 minutes at Indiana (1/30). NOTES: Tied a career-high three steals vs. Orlando (1/22)...Recorded career highs in points (31) and field goals (12) at Orlando (1/27)...Dished out a career-high 12 assists vs. Orlando (11/16)...Tied a career-high two blocks at Phoenix (11/2).

I've already notified the Detroit Pistons Facebook that the Game Notes have Stuckey as 6-8 230 from Duke. lol.

What the heck! So I then tweeted the Pistons to find out when we should know if Calderon is playing or not and got this:

Damn, can't we even get an approximate time frame? "He's scheduled to meet with Arnie at 12 and then the doctors at 12:30, we should know not long after that." Anyways, I digress.

Since I was in the Game Notes and I look through them from time to time, you find some interesting information in there at times. Stuff like...

STEPPING UP ON D: The Pistons are limiting opponents to just 44.3% shooting from the field, which ranks 11th in the NBA this season. Here is a comparison of the Pistons opponents' field goal percentage over the past five years.

2011-12 46.2%
2010-11 48.6%
2009-10 48.0%
2008-09 43.7%
2007-08 43.7%

There are other interesting team stats such as how our improvement in Opponent FG% is the largest of any team in the NBA from last season to this season. But then I got down a few more pages and started seeing information on Drummond...9 things in a row in fact. They are: Drummond off the Bench, Dre's Double-Doubles, Blocks and Steals by Bigs, Steady Improvement, Block Party, Drummond dominating the glass, Dre on the offensive glass, Drummonds Career Night and Drummonds big night. Now, I'm not going to put all of that in here, because it takes a lot of formatting (took me too long to do the stuff I did above), but you should really go check it out.

But when I was reading the first stat on Dre, I saw "Became the first..." twice. Such as "Became the first rookie in NBA history to record 18 points and 18 rebounds off the bench since bench points were recorded starting with the 1970-71 season." Really? Wow. And we all know that he's the third teenager to do that in history, regardless of starting or coming off the bench. But it started to make me wonder, where does he rank in Piston rookie history, or even Piston rookie big men history.

Obviously, for many reasons, there are some categories Drummond will not be able to contend with. Most PPG as a rookie, most minutes as a rookie (thanks a lot......whoever is responsible for that), most assists, most 3-pointers, etc. But that's ok, he's a big man, he's not expected to fill those categories. But there is at least one rookie stat, that I can tell from the Game Notes, that is within Drummond's reach and may be surpassed by a lot given the opportunity. Drummond, through 46 games, has 76 blocks and trails only Theo Ratliff (116) and John Salley (126) for the most blocks by a Piston rookie since 1980 when blocks were officially kept as a stat.

So I did a comparison of Pistons F-C who were 6-7 or taller (to include the Worm), averaged 15+ minutes and played more than 41 in their rookie year (this won't include Ben Wallace or Bill Laimbeer for those who don't know they weren't rookies with the Pistons). For a summary, Drummond leads everyone in PER, FG%, Blocks per game, is second in ORB (behind Monroe), 6th in TRB (1st if you start from 1972 through now) and he's the youngest of all of them. Mind you, he didn't even really come close (as expected) to competing on many of the offensive stats since it included the likes of Grant Hill, Bob Lanier, etc. AND DUDE ONLY GETS 20.2 MPG!!! Yes, I know he doesn't shoot that much, and many of his shots are dunks (wait, are we talking about LeBron James' FG%?), so his FG% may be "skewed". But for a guy many of us were skeptical about to begin the season, especially after seeing the inconsistency in Summer League, I'm very impressed.

Now, while he does have a high ceiling since this is his rookie season, I hope people do take all of this with a big caution flag. If he under performs to finish the season or to start next season, it's not the end of the world. It's highly unlikely that a player can come into this league and do what he's doing in as few minutes as he is and not eventually surpass it or at least sustain it (barring injury). However, he gets to work out with Arnie. I don't see any way he won't be able to eventually surpass these stats as he gets more toned and learns how to use his body better. So while we've compared Andre to Dwight in league history, I think it's fair to say Andre's rookie season will be one of the best Pistons' rookie big seasons in history (to date).

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