Jose Calderon trade: Brandon Knight as a shooting guard


Now that we are going to see Brandon Knight play the 2 a lot, I think it we should look at some comparable players so we can set our expectations. There are currently 4 legitimate starting SG's in the NBA who are 6'3" - 6'4", Eric Gordon, Tony Allen, Monta Ellis, and O.J. Mayo. (I am excluding rookies and injury replacements.)

Of these 4 only Mayo has a taller standing reach (one inch taller) than Knight, while Knight, Mayo, and Gordon all have a 38"-41" vertical. I feel that these are about as close as we can get to set our expectations. Offensively I think we should leave out Tony Allen simply because he is mainly all defense.

  • Mayo '12-'13: FG%: .464 3pt%: .423 A/T: 1.57 PER:16.8
  • Gordon '12-'13: FG%: .411 3pt%: .371 A/T: 1.11 PER: 17.6
  • Ellis '12-'13: FG%: .401 3pt%: .250 A/T: 1.79 PER: 15.5
  • Knight '12-'13: FG%: .415 3pt%: .377 A/T: 1.45 PER:12.9

These stats all seem eerily similar, especially Mayo, Gordon and Knight. Career numbers are all very similar, especially 3pt% (.382, .370, .379) and A/T ratio(1.35, 1.38, 1.46). Mayo and Gordon both have better career FG%, but have never been asked to play PG or run an offense.

  • Mayo: Def PER All: 15.3 DEF pts/100: 108.6
  • Ellis: Def PER All: 12.4 DEF pts/100: 105.5
  • Allen: Def PER All: 13.0 DEF pts/100: 98.1
  • Knight: Def PER All: 13.4 DEF pts/100: 104.7

As we can, see Knight has been playing some pretty solid D this year. In fact he is 3rd among PG's in PER allowed and 7th among PG's in defensive pts/100. Ellis is the interesting case here because he is not known for his defense, but the Bucks have good rebounders and shot blockers behind him which has clearly helped.

In conclusion it seems our expectations for Knight the SG could be similar to Mayo and Gordon offensively if he were able to get his FG% up to 44-45%. We can hope that he translates his surprisingly solid defense at PG this year to his new role at SG, especially with solid rebounders and shot blockers behind him.

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