Hornets swoop into Palace and walk all over Pistons, 105-86


Looking forward to the All-Star break, the Pistons dropped an embarrassing home game against the New Orleans Hornets on Monday night, 105-86. Ryan Anderson scored 31 and Robin Lopez added 23.

Nothing good can ever come of Ryan Anderson and Robin Lopez combining for 54 points as they did on Monday night against the Pistons. The prolific scoring duo shot 22 for 34 and carried the Hornets to a 19-point, 105-86 victory.

The Hornets defense was surprisingly stout, blocking 10 of the Pistons' shots and holding our frustrating team to a 36-percent shooting output, Detroit's worst since December 1.

But I don't want to give the Hornets too much credit. After all, the win improved them to 18-34, and their jerseys are ugly. As Greg Kelser said in the third quarter, "I'm not questioning the Pistons' effort BUT ... " and yeah, that's all he really had to say. The Pistons looked like a team who had just won a couple great games, saw who was coming up on their schedule - Hornets and Wizards - and what followed that - the All-Star break - and decided to start vacationing early.

The Pistons started the game up 8-0 and were outscored (calculating...) 105-78 the rest of the way. Also, a pelican's bill is more than twice the length of its head.


* Jose Calderon had 13 points and nine assists opposite just one turnover.

* Greg Monroe had his seventh straight double double with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Mama Monroe was in the house and invited us all Ryan Field over for dinner when we're he's in town.

* Jesse Jackson was also in the building. As was my friend Nathaniel.

* Anthony Davis was 0 for 7 with eight rebounds and four blocks. One dimensional eye brow.

* Box Score

* Roll Call

33 commenters, 206 comments. If the team you're watching isn't doing any good, don't say anything at all. But a fitting victory for our friend MFBWPTD.

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1 BandWagonerPaysTheDues 30
2 stevenyc 21
3 Goose15 17
4 CheerstoLilWayne 15
5 heWizard 15
6 Kriz 14
7 brgulker 11
8 XstreamINsanity 8
9 J Dre 8
10 Rusty_Shackleford 8
11 bball4224 8
12 Mike Payne 6
13 Fadel 5
14 JoeDip 5
15 bonerici 4
16 kyle.m.jenkins 3
17 JohnAbruzzi 3
18 Don Mega-Tron 3
19 tads 2
20 jayod 2
21 sabetodo 2
22 Shinons* 2
23 Grant E. 2
24 Sean_Corp 2
25 joejoejoe 2
26 -PS- 1
27 soufpaw 1
28 TheyCallMeBruceLee 1
29 OK from J 1
30 Flyman 1
31 Trout Jefferson 1
32 TheProject 1
33 Birdman84 1
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