Possible trades? Realistic or also dreams...

Post is FIXED :D

Sorry, For not getting back and trying to fix it. I'm justing going to type out the trades that I've been thinking of, soo here we go!! :P

First we got a 3 team trade where I have 2 combinations of possiblities...

Nets Get: Josh Smith
Hawks Get: Stuckey and CharlieV or Meggette
Pistons Get: Hump Brooks and Marrow (Marrow pretty good shooter)

Why? Well Nets get there guy in Smith. Hawks get Stuckey and or a good expiring contract in meggette to give them relief for FA period. While Pistons get help in backcourt with Hump and a underplayed player in Brooks that really could turn into a pretty good player in the league. (Marrow is a Pretty good shooter)

Denver Get: Max and Stuckey
Pistons Get: A.I (haha, not that one... -.-)

Denver is not really happy with A.I and his production. Max and Stuckey fit the bill of what Denver likes to run as their offense. Run and Gun. About A.I to the Pistons, How I see it is that this year almost over. Even if we dont want to keep A.I he will be a big expiring contract next year that we can either trade (for probably good return! to playoff team) or hold off till next FA period.

Denver Get: Meggette and Stuckey
Pistons Get: A.I and Mosgov

Same concept as above, other than Denver getting good expiring contract while pistons get some big man help in Mosgov.

Utah Get: Will Bynum
Pistons Get: Raja Bell

This might seem like a joke trade. Both are expiring deals, but moving bynum for bell would allow knight to play more of backup PG and learn more from Jose.

76ers Get: Max
Pistons Get: Nick Young

Both expiring deals, here we can get a piece in Young who is a pretty good shooter and is athletic. Only bad thing would leave us little short on big men. Thats where a deal like this next one comes into play.

Dallas Get: Bynum
Pistons Get: D.Jones and B.Wright

Short on big men after getting Young, we could trade Bynum to Dallas that are looking for PG help and get a decent rotation player in Wright in return.

Magic Get: Stuckey
Pistons Get: JJ Redick and K O'quinn

Lot of rumors going around with Redick, he's going to be trade, no he's going to stay! I think with a great passer like Jose on our team, let's get him some elite shooters!! While getting young back up big man who is a DBB fav around here.

Dallas Get: B. Knight
Knicks Get: OJ Mayo and James White
Pistons Get: JR Smith

Dallas lately as express great interest in Jennings. Maybe they would take a crack at Knight? So checked out the rosters and came up with this 3 team deal. Yeah, Smith gets a little crazy at times, but he is one of my favorite players to watch. Of course idk how likely this trade would be considering JR smith being top 6th man in league (Crawford?).

Pacers Get: Meggette and Stuckey
Pistons Get: Granger and G.Green

For the same reasons as AI, after this season he will become a expiring deal that probably could land us a even better deal than players like stuckey and meggette. While also we can try Granger out and push some available cap room over a year.

While obviously these some of these trades are not all realistic. I'm just a guy that gets really pumped up through trade season/FA season in any sport. Please don't rip me to threads because of some of the trades. Like i said was just having a little fun while trade deadline is fastly approaching.

Other than that please leave a comment and tell me what you like/dislike or come up with a countertrade off one of mine! I would love to read them.. Feel like JoD needs to do one trade before the deadline! Sorry for the wait and stupid links I originally had...

~Thanks Brandon~

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