Could the Pistons actually lead the league in something?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

No, I'm not referring to double-digit leads that are blown and end up in a loss. I believe we currently have that lead and aren't likely to lose that. I'm actually referring to a positive stat. BEBOUNDING!!! But the real question is, is this really a good thing?

Defensive Rebounds

LAL 54 45.2% 35.7% 12.8% 1781 1 32.98 2
SAS 54 44.2% 32.6% 76.0% 1780 2 32.96 3
HOU 55 45.8% 37.2% 77.8% 1773 3 32.24 8
GSW 52 44.0% 34.2% 73.9% 1753 4 33.71 1
IND 53 41.7% 32.5% 76.7% 1737 5 32.77 5
OKC 53 43.1% 35.1% 77.4% 1726 6 32.57 6
DEN 54 44.4% 36.8% 73.8% 1715 7 31.76 10
DAL 52 44.4% 36.3% 75.8% 1710 8 32.88 4
LAC 56 43.6% 37.2% 74.8% 1697 9 30.30 18
DET 54 44.3% 34.2% 76.6% 1673 10 30.98 13
ORL 52 46.0% 34.5% 74.2% 1673 10 32.17 9
WAS 51 43.6% 34.2% 72.2% 1660 12 32.55 7
BOS 52 44.0% 34.3% 72.4% 1636 13 31.46 11

Offensive Rebounds

DEN 54 47.2% 34.4% 68.8% 740 1 13.70 1
DET 54 44.6% 36.5% 69.7% 692 2 12.81 6
IND 53 42.9% 34.8% 74.2% 689 3 13.00 4
MEM 51 44.0% 34.5% 79.2% 683 4 13.39 2
MIL 51 43.2% 34.7% 73.6% 670 5 13.13 3
CLE 53 42.9% 35.2% 76.1% 669 6 12.62 8

The Pistons are in the top 10 in Defensive Rebound Totals, Offensive Rebound Totals and Offensive Rebounding Average. They're only slightly out of the top 10 (13th) in Defensive Rebounding Average. However, it's important to know where the Pistons rank in their and their opponent's shooting percentages.

RANK 15th 9th 28th T(2)-10th T(3)-5th T(2)-22nd

Man that FT% is horrible. And since you can't really defend free throws, the OPP FT% doesn't really mean much except for to show that we don't have many rebounding opportunities from opponent's free throws. At first I thought that the Pistons always gave more trips to the free throw line than they get there themselves, but that's actually not true. The Pistons have shot more free throws than their opponents have by about 1 a game. In losses, the Pistons have actually had the close to the same number of free throws as their opponents, only shooting a total of 2 more. In our wins, we've shot a total of 56 more.

What is encouraging is that the Pistons are getting quite a bit of their available offensive boards. When you also take into the fact that the Pistons rank 23rd in the league in Pace, that's even more encouraging. What's less encouraging is that I feel these offensive numbers are likely to drop since Andre is out. Drummond leads the league in Offensive Rebounding Percentage. He's 18th in total offensive rebounds. He's 15th (right behind Monroe at 14th) in Offensive Rebounds Per Game for players who have played in 25 games or more. The Pistons have two of the top 15 offensive rebounders and only one other team can say that, Cleveland (but they're 27th in the league in FG% and 15th in 3P%).

The problem is that we could actually be better than that. We have allowed the 7th most offensive rebounds. We're right in the middle on allowing defensive rebounds, but that could even get better. Here's what the Pistons averaged Before and After Andre got hurt.

BEFORE 44.5% 36.0% 69.3% 12.76 30.86 44.2% 33.7% 76.1% 12.02 30.5
AFTER 45.5% 42.1% 74.2% 13.5 32.5 45.6% 41.1% 81.9% 9.0 30.0

I don't know how, but we're rebounding more with Andre out. I know how we're shooting better free throws, but even our other shooting percentages are up (thanks Jose). But you can also see that without Andre in the lineup, the other team's percentages have also gone up. Yes, I know it's a small sample size and we played two decent teams in there (Milwaukee and San Antonio), but it's Friday and I'm passing time before going home.

My question to the DBB community is how much do you value rebounding? Do you think it's important (for exposure or other purposes) for the Pistons to be near the top in the league in such a stat? When you look at the first two tables, 7 of the top 9 total offensive rebounding teams are playoff bound. For defensive rebounding, 4 of the 6 I showed were playoff bound. But then you have teams like Miami and New York who don't put an emphasis on rebounding, but scoring, and are title contenders.

The Pistons have lead the league in Offensive Rebounding 3 times, Defensive Rebounding 1 time, and Total Rebounds 4 times, but they've never lead the league in all of them at once. All three times the Pistons have won a championship, they were never higher than 6th in any rebounding category, and that was offensive rebounding in 1988-89. Where we were league leaders or in the top 5 was in Opponent FG% each time we won a championship. They aren't likely to do that, but thought it was an interesting stat.

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