Evaluating players since the Jose Calderon trade


This column definitely goes in the "we can't do that yet" and the "small sample size" category, but as a wise man once said "its never too early to judge." Well I don't think anyone said that but they should have. Let's take a look at the seven Pistons who have gotten consistent minutes before and after the trade.

Stats Key: Since the trade, difference vs season average

Jason Maxiell:

MPG: 23.5, -1.6

RPG: 4.0, -1.6

PTS: 5.3, -1.8

FG%: 36, -8.2

Everything he does is also down since the trade. This really is not a surprise as his stats have been steadily declining all year, so if you were expecting any uptick playing with Calderon I am sorry to disappoint you.

Will Bynum:

MPG: 22, +3.6

APG: 5.5, +1.7

PTS: 12.3, +3

FG%: 51.4, +5.7

Increases across the board is promising. Playing with Calderon seems to have help his shooting. I also think that the pace increase fits his style much more, so it may be more less Prince than more Jose.

Charlie Villanueva:

MPG: 22.5, +5.6

RPG: 5.9, +2.2

PTS: 10.4, +2.6

FG%: 41.7, +0.2

Not much going on here except an increase in minutes. He is still playing his game. A bigger influence here is clearly the Drummond injury.

Rodney Stuckey:

MPG: 26.6, -1.6

PTS: 11.1, -0.2

FG%: 40.8, +2.2

Again not a whole lot going on here. Stuckey continues to play sub par, not even the increased pace has helped him.

Greg Monroe:

MPG: 35.8, +2.8

RPG: 13.3, +3.6

PTS: 18.4, +2.3

FG%: 52.6, +2.5

Monroe has really come on since January, and even more so since the trade. This could be his best stretch of his career. If he can come close to maintaining this production, he would be a top 10 player in the NBA.

Brandon Knight:

MPG: 29.5, -2.0

APG: 4.3, 0

PTS: 11, -2.5

FG%: 34.3, -6.1

Knight has fallen off the map. He is even worse since Calderon took over at the point, with one good game in the six they have played together. I know he is battling some injuries, but at this point he looks like a rotation player instead of a starter at this point in his development.

Kyle Singler:

MPG: 33.4, +5

RPG: 5.6, +2.6

PTS: 12.4, +3.4

FG%: 48.2, +3.9

Singler has made some major improvements. He seems to have taken off being helped by the increased pace, no Prince, and Calderon's passing. He is currently the 4th best rookie in EFF at for February. If he can maintain this production and continue to develop in the summer, it will be very difficult to find a better SF for this team.

The team has a record of 4-4 since the trade, and seems to be trending up with a couple of real nice wins. The trio of Monroe, Knight, and Singler are obviously the most important players here. It would be nice to see BK start to increase his production as much as the other two, but I think I'll take two out of three for now.

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