Could the Pistons Trade their 1st Round Pick to the Bobcats Again?

I thought I'd pose this question to the DBB community and see whether it's an interesting, and perhaps even a good idea...

Could the Pistons look to swing another deal with the Charlotte Bobcats? I was using the fantastic floating fibulating filabuster generating ESPN Trade Machine and thought could giving full outright rights to the draft pick we've already sent to them prove to the glue that holds another trade together between the two teams?

Here's the deal I've proposed:

Stuckey and Jerebko to Charlotte, with the full rights to the draft pick for

Sessions, Mullens, and Henderson

Before you claim this to be a terrible trade, allow me to mention that the trade machine postulates that this deal would improve the Pistons by 11 wins. The Bobcats would suffer a 3 game decline, but the rights to another lottery draft pick should soothe their pain.

What does this doe for us; how do our rotations look after this deal:

PG Calderon / Bynum

SG Sessions / Knight

SF Henderson / Singler

PF Mullens / Villanueva

C Monroe / Maxiell / Kravtsov


G English

F Middleton

F Maggette

C Drummond

What I'm hoping, perhaps unrealistically, is that the trade machine is right, that this added depth and incrementally better suited talent would generate an 11 game level of improvement and perhaps springboard us into the playoffs, in which case we would lose the pick anyway. However, it would seem like losing the pick would be warranted due to the improved lineup we could have as we close out the year and prepare for next season.

In the back of my mind lingers the hope that perhaps this scenario might still allow Bynum to be traded to Oklahoma for Maynor and their #1 Toronto pick. This would mean we were whole, no outright draft pick forfeiture, and actually we would have improved our draft position!

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