Pistons final score: Who cares if he's on a poster, Greg Monroe took over in win


The Pistons beat the NBA's worst team 105-99 on Wedneday night, thanks to a strong finish by Greg Monroe, who scored eight of the Pistons' final 13 points. He finished with 19 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and three blocks.

Three of the first four mentions I read after the Pistons' win on Wednesday night were of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's vicious dunk "over Greg Monroe." (To be fair, Monroe turned around from the guy he was guarding and jumped at the last second, probably to simply avoid unwanted objects from entering his throat. He made Gilchrist's otherwise easy throw down look sweeter by being there to fly over, but it wasn't exactly a legitimate head-to-head match up at that point.)

Whatever, though. It's fiiiine.

Monroe got his Moose on in the fourth quarter and took over, leading Detroit to a 105-99 win. Wins are nice, and Monroe must not have been too sore from his facial, because he scored eight of the Pistons' final 13 points and finished with 19 overall to go along with seven rebounds and seven assists. While he may not have stopped Gilchrist on the dunk of the game, Monroe did stuff three other shots in the game and added a steal.

Jose Calderon added 17, including the other five of the Pistons' final 13, all on freebies.

The Pistons had a nine-point lead with a little less than half the fourth to go before BJ -- sorry, Byron -- Mullens knocked down a couple triples. The Bobcats were within a point twice in the final minutes, but the Pistons responded each time. Calderon sealed the game with three free throws in the final 22 seconds.


Brandon Knight had an awesome game before going down with a right knee injury. He finished with 21 points and five assists opposite one turnover in about 30 minutes. More in a minute.

MORE: Knight is day to day with hyperextended right knee.

• Pistons finished with 26 assists and nine turnovers, but at one point had 17 assists and only two turnovers. We like that.

• Will Bynum had seven assists, and some lobs, off the bench. IS HE A GONER ON THURSDAY?

• KTRL-V had six points and four rebounds in 12-plus minutes, all of his points coming on slava dunk shots.

• Kyle Singler fouled out in 23 minutes.

Box Score

Rufus on Fire


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