NBA Trade Rumors 2013: Deadline Day Stream

Pistons already nabbed Jose Calderon -- will they make a second deal? Here is a list of all the trade rumors that have made it through DBB. Make sure to keep tabs on this stream on Thursday, February 21 leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline at 3 p.m. ET.

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Pistons don't make any deals at deadline


J.J. Redick reportedly headed to Bucks

All day long, teams were falling out of the "running" to land suddenly coveted J.J. Redick. First it was the Pistons, then the Spurs, and then the Pacers. Well, with a deal struck at the trade deadline buzzer, it appears Redick is headed to Milwaukee.


Heat give Dexter Pittman & 2nd rounder to Memphis

The Heat may be working on something else to supplement this deal, because without it, this is really bizarre. The Heat have been reportedly interested in Timofey Mozgov and Surya Fernandez of Hot Hot Hoops wondered (dreamed?) if this was a precursor to the Heat possibly landing DeJuan Blair, which would be a good haul. Another possibility? Greg Oden.


Detroit native Jordan Crawford traded to Celtics

Jordan Crawford, who was made kind of famous for once dunking over LeBron James, was traded from the Washington Wizards to the Boston Celtics on Thursday for the expiring contract of Leandro Barbosa. The Wizards will get Barbosa, too, but he's done for the season with a torn ACL.

David Aldridge appeared to have the news first, although initial reports were that the Celtics were giving up on Fab Melo for Crawford. It was later confirmed that the swap would involve Barbosa, not Melo. Shedding Crawford means the Wizards will save about $2.1 million in cap space next season. The Celtics get a high usage scorer.

Crawford, a 24-year-old native of Detroit, is putting up his best numbers in his third season in the NBA, but that's not saying much. The volume shooter has only a 51 TS% and a 47 eFG% while averaging a little over 13 points per game in just over 26 minutes.

What a blockbuster...


Detroit Pistons expect quiet trade deadline

Per Vince Ellis, source with team says things very quiet for Detroit.


Keith Langlois: Pistons more likely to stand pat

It had been reported before that the Pistons would most likely not make another deal this trading period and Keith Langlois reiterated as much in his most recent mailbag:

Dwayne (Clinton Twp., Mich.): With the trade deadline Thursday, what moves if any do you expect the Pistons to make?

Langlois: I'm on standby, Dwayne, but I think it's more likely that the Pistons stand pat than make a deal. They've already made one significant trade within the past month. It's possible a playoff or title contender will offer a draft pick for an expiring contract, I suppose - those are common trade-deadline deals - but it has to be something that benefits the Pistons in the future without compromising their cap position headed into the summer. The Pistons are also bumping up close to the luxury tax threshold, so it's unlikely they will be parking somebody else's big contracts for the rest of the season to help another team avoid taxes, either.

Crazy things could still pop up out of thin air, like J.J. Redick, but I think I'm going to play it safe and not expect another trade from the Pistons before the end of the day.

That doesn't mean we can't wonder and talk about all the other NBA trade rumors -- make sure you head over to our NBA Trade Deadline Day Open Thread, and be sure to follow along with our trade deadline stream.


Bucks, Suns going hard after Josh Smith

It seems like Josh Smith is going to be the piece that sets everything else in motion. Bucks are also after JJ Redick.


Chris Broussard: Pistons interested in JJ Redick

ESPN's Chris Broussard tweeted Thursday morning that the Pistons are one of a handful of teams showing interest in Orlando Magic shooting guard J.J. Redick:

Take that with a grain of salt, though, because Broussard is wrong a lot. As Matt Dery noted shortly after on Twitter, the Magic want first rounders and expiring deals for Redick.

The Pistons already gave up a first rounder to Charlotte to unload another one-dimensional shooter and the only expiring deals the Pistons could offer without going back on their word is Jason Maxiell. Redick for Maxiell would work, but that deal would also be a candidate for most pointless trade ever.

There's also some substance from Adrian Wojnarowski, who has said that the Magic haven't ruled out hanging on to Redick in hopes to re-sign him:

The Pistons don't draft in the twenties, so even if the Pistons are interested in the impending free agent, it looks like they haven't made any offers.

Are they doing their due diligence on a sharp-shooting guard who has been most impressive when playing in front of the Pistons (20 for 36 in three games this year)? Maybe, but I really can't imagine the Pistons trading for him.

Overpaying him this offseason? That's a real sad possibility.


Gordon-to-Nets deal reportedly dead

Ben Gordon was probably always trade bait, but he officially became persona non grata in Charlotte after reportedly disrespecting his head coach Mike Dunlap during a recent practice.

Since the spat, rumors involving Gordon started breaking the surface, including a reported swap with the Raptors that Sean posted about last week.

Sean also posted on a report that Gordon and his $13.2 million contract could be moved to the Brooklyn Nets for Kris Humphries.

Well, that deal is reportedly dead, according to Nets Daily:

After Sam Amico of FOX Sports tweeted that the Nets had "secured Kris Humphries-for-Ben Gordon trade with Bobcats, but waiting to see what happens with Hawks' Josh Smith first," the front office went into overdrive. Sources strongly denied the report to multiple writers, even noting that the deal was dead.

Here's a sampling...

Adrian Wojnarowski: The Brooklyn Nets are no longer considering a deal for Charlotte's Ben Gordon, league source tells Y! Sports.

Howard Beck: Received an emphatic denial that Nets have agreed to any Humphries/Gordon deal. They don't want Gordon, period.

David Aldridge: As @Howard Beck reported, Nets strongly--"100 percent"--deny reports of Humphries/Gordon trade. They told CHA Wed. nothing would happen.

Funny thing, though: A lot of times, the rumors that are denied the hardest have the most legs. We shall see.


NBA trade deadline '13: An open thread for chatter

NBA Trade Deadline Day is a holiday of the association and the deadline to play let's make a deal is Thursday, February 21 at 3 p.m. ET. This is the place to be to talk all rumors and trades, both Pistons and NBA.


Will Bynum to OKC makes sense

Chris Sheridan says if Thunder added Toronto's first-round draft pick it would make sense for both sides.


Will Dumars try trading Maxiell again?

Jason Maxiell was nearly traded for Chris Kaman last year, according to a report. Now in the final year of his contract, the veteran big man is even more attractive to potential suitors.


Stuckey, Bynum and Jonas attract attention

The Pistons aren't expected to make any more trades -- but if they do, they have players other teams are interested in.


Report: Gordon for Bargnani?

In my obsessive compulsive desire to compare Detroit's Ben Gordon trade with any future Ben Gordon trade I give you the latest developments -- Gordon for Andrea Bargnani.


Ben Gordon goes off on his coach, trade bait now

Gordon blows up at coach Mike Dunlap in a story that is eerily reminiscent of all the unpleasantness of the John Kuester era.


ESPN: Jonas Jerebko a good 'buy-low' candidate

Swedish forward languishes on the bench but other teams might see value in energetic forward that is both moderately productive and moderately paid for the next couple years.


Spurs reportedly offered Blair to Pistons

Chris Broussard of ESPN reports that the Spurs are trying to trade DeJuan Blair and engaged the Pistons in talks. Detroit apparently turned down whatever San Antonio offered.


Report: Pistons want Josh Smith, Gerald Henderson

Wait, what? A Hoopsworld report implies Smith and Henderson are offseason targets and that the Pistons would love to bring them in this season for an audition ala Jose Calderon.


Rethinking the Ben Gordon trade?

If the rumored trade between the Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Bobcats goes down, does it make Detroit's decision to trade Gordon look better or worse?


Will Bynum called 'prime trade target'

Sheridan says a lot of NBA teams view him as a source of instant offense off the bench.


Detroit may not be done trading

To acquire Jose Calderon in a three-way trade involving Toronto and Memphis, Detroit barely skimmed the surface of its available trade assets. Could the Pistons look to make more moves before the NBA Trade Deadline, and if so, what assets should be at their disposal?


Goodbye, Tay and Daye; hello Jose

The Pistons will reportedly part with both Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye for Jose Calderon as part of a three-way trade that sends Rudy Gay to Toronto, according to ESPN's Marc Stein:

According to Vincent Goodwill, the players have been informed and have begun exchanging goodbyes with their teammates:

Jose Calderon, 31, is an eight-year veteran currently averaging 11.1 points and 7.4 assists (1.7 turnovers) in 45 games with the Raptors.

Update: Calderon is making $10.56 million this year -- the final year of his contract. So as nice as it will be to see a true point guard on the court, this deal doesn't necessarily disrupt Detroit's plans of shoehorning Brandon Knight into the "point guard of the future" role.


Report: Pistons may trade Tayshaun for Calderon

Wait, this might actually happen? ESPN's Marc Stein reports the Pistons may enter the mix in the Grizzlies-Raptors trade talk, acquiring Jose Calderon and dealing Tayshaun Prince.


Will Bynum hates trade rumors, loves cliches

Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell are exceeding expectations in their contract years. But will they finish the season with the Pistons on the way to their next payday?


Pistons should pay attention to Griz-Cavs trade

A seemingly minor trade involving Marreese Speights is a great example of the value of not spending money on free agents.


Jerebko not happy, his father wants Frank fired

Swedish newspaper talked to Jerebko and others when the Pistons visited London to play the Knicks. A game in which Jonas again received a DNP-CD.

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