Pistons final score: Detroit outmanned by Atlanta, 114-103


Shorthanded Pistons didn’t have the numbers to keep up with the Hawks at home, dropping their third straight double-digit loss.

The Pistons tried something different by scoring this thing called points in the first quarter, a change from their two-game set against the Pacers. But the Hawks were clearly the better team and used a 13-3 run that started late in the first to pull away.

The Pistons had little options on the bench to respond with, only some permutation of three rookies with Stuckey at point. That was all she wrote. They went into the half down 10 and were never able to close the gap.

The final score was closer than most of the game, as Detroit chipped away at a 21-point gap entering the fourth quarter to make the final tally respectable. Jerebko lead the charge with an impressive 16-point fourth quarter.

The Hawks picked the Stones apart with their ball movement and perimeter shooting, knocking down 14 shots from three and plenty of midrange stuff as well. Horford, Smith, and Teague lead the way for Atlanta, but Devin Harris also contributed a key 11 points in 13 minutes that helped the Hawks.

Jonas was fantastic and had his best game of the year with 21 points on 12 shots, six boards, and three assists that included a pretty behind-the-back fast-break dish to Kravtsov in garbage time. Let's hope this is a break-out game from him so that there's at least some redeeming quality from this game.

Stuckey and Monroe were the only other Pistons to log strong games. Stuckey made his way to the rim with regularity, putting up 22 points on 59% shooting while Moose filled the box score with 15/8/5 - but he disappeared in the second half. English also offered a nice efficient game with 10 points on five shots.

Detroit can't get back to full strength quickly enough. They'll have Bynum back as they hit the road for a three game stretch that starts with the Wizards, who have been dominated by the Pistons in the first three meetings this year, but are playing much better ball since the return of John Wall and Bradley Beal. Knight and Drummond's returns are also potentially looming. That's the good news after another ugly night.

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