Can't anything be done with Maggette?

I get it that he's on a one and done contract, and we have a young squad that Lawrence Franks is trying to mold into a team for the future, but now that the small forward ranks have been thinned out, why not reassess how Maggette fits?

I read an interesting comment by Joe Dumars a month or so ago, that you have to sign and have players; meaning that you have to spend as well as maintain cap limit maneuvering room. Is he overlooking the possibility of discussing a contract extension with Corey Maggette that could help the team today?

Are egos such that you never insult a player with a lower contract until they're desperate to sign? If Maggette really is interested in playing, and he really does know the game and the business side of this sport, wouldn't he be interested in discussing a contract extension to help the team and put himself in position to play or at least be paid a couple more years?

I really get the Pistons resolve not to build with a player that they don't want to spend large dollars on in the future, but is there more to the issue? Do they think that Maggette is too fragile to play anymore? Do they think or know that Maggette believes his future is with a championship contender next year as a free agent? Or, what exactly other reasons are there to ignore a player that has merited $10.5M caliber contract - to be your highest or second highest paid player?

Here's a novel idea: propose a two or three year deal to Maggette with perhaps only one and half years guaranteed; offer him a salary of $3 to $4 M per year; then, offer or provide playing time and, or other performance incentives.

Does it really make sense to play Rodney Stuckey at small forward? I see an injury coming! How will this help? And, frankly I don't see it as a long term move to enhance the team or his career, do you?

If the Pistons didn't have a proven veteran high caliber player to fill the role, then perhaps you throw the dice and gamble. Everyone loves the old adage, "when you have lemons make lemonade." However, when you have a player with proven credentials to fill a role and the only reason you don't use him is because you don't think he'll be on your team next year - I think you should ask yourself whether circumstances have changed and you should adjust.

What do you think? I'll pose the question in a poll and provide some viable options for readers to choose from, to see what the community thinks makes the most sense.

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