Lawrence Frank Pros

Many people have been calling for Lawrence Frank's head this year. These people are upset for a variety of reasons whether it being Drummond's lack of minutes or the unusual benching of Jonas Jerebko.

Here I will give you my opinions about some of these issues and Lawrence Frank.

This will be followed by Lawrence Frank cons.



I believe one of Frank's biggest strengths is the mutual respect he shares with his players and his ability to keep the clubhouse in order. This ability is so underrated as we have found out the last few years.


  • Stuckey volunteering to go the bench.
  • Maggette being benched
  • Charlie V being benched in the beginning of the year
  • Andre Drummond on his lack of minutes, "I trust Lawrence".
  • Jerebko being benched (Quotes misinterpreted)
  • Austin Daye benched in beginning of the year

There are some big names in these bullets. Yet they keep their mouths shut and just work hard. Like Daye and Villanueva, they simply worked hard and got playing time.

Importance of Defense

Lawrence Frank said when he first came to Detroit that all his players would play defense. So far in the 2012-2013 season, the Pistons have been playing much better Defense and has been showing their best D sincce the 2007-2008 season. They are giving up 96.8 points per game which is 13th out of 30, and their D rating is 17th out of 30.

In addition to team defense, Individual players like Brandon Knight and Charlie Villanueva have been working harder on Defense and both have been playing improved defense since last year. Same for Greg Monroe.

Frank has bene preaching defense in his tenure with Detroit and even said this after a December 4th game, "You have to know your team, the fabric," Frank said. "That's who we are as a team. That's who we are as an organization, that we're going to be a defense-first team that shares the ball. The numbers have to follow that. Otherwise, it's just false words."

Handling of Andre Drummond's minutes

Some might argue this as a con but I am listing it as a pro. Andre Drummond is a near 300 pound 19 year old rookie. If he avoids injuries, we could have another Shaq or Dwight Howard on our hands.However, with someone of this size, his minutes need to start being limited from the start.

As my pals from DBB have pointed out, Drummond's minutes have steadily increased from about 17 minutes in January to about 21-22 minutes in January. As he continues growing and improving, he will keep getting more minutes.

Thanks for reading

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