A killer plan for a great great team (with possibly bad math)

So I've been kinda brewing over this free-agent-draft talk, and I think I may have a really good plan that would get the Pistons not only into the playoffs, but will allow them to compete for home court in the east as soon as next year, and contend for quite a few years starting from the year after next.

Now I'm pretty bad with understanding cap space and calculating how salaries would affect it, so I'm only gonna go with a vague hunch that we can pull this off money-wise, possibly with some tweaks like not picking up Slava's option, buying out Stuckey's last year or amnestying CV. If you are good with this stuff, I'd appreciate criticism. I Some of the free agent signings would obviously need to be for three years to serve as cap holds for Drummond.

So here's the plan:
1. Draft Porter (first option, followed by Oladipo or McLemore) in the 1st round, a backup PG in the 2nd (Myck Kabongo is interesting but there will probably be several other options).
2. Re-sign Calderon.
3. I've read some debates about Brandon Wright vs. Millsap, and while I'm sure Wright would be a better (because cheaper) option - why choose? I think there's a chance we may actually be able to sign both.

Calderon/Kabongo (or someone else)

I think this is a really strong, well balanced team. It's obviously based on a fantastic frontcourt rotation and is a little weaker in the backcourt, but still has plenty of perimeter shooting and at least solid PG play. With all the scoring power inside, coupled with good shooters outside, Knight will have an easier time slashing inside (defenders will be reluctant to sag off their main assignments, adding a slashing element.

Now of course we may not get to draft The Otter. In that case, we get the best SG available, and we still have two years left on Knight's rookie deal to evaluate what his best role is and whether to trade him (personally, I think he has a chance to be a plus SG if he embraces the role):


In this scenario I went with Calderon, Korver and Wright, because we can't afford Millsap as well. Of the two, I'd much rather go with Wright simply because he'd be cheaper. We'd have a less amazing, but still good frontcourt rotation, even better perimeter shooting and slightly more cap space left for next year and/or trades.

After a year, Stuckey and CV expire and we extend Monroe. A year later, the team should have a good idea of Knight's worth and whether they can or should extend him. Another year, some of the free agent signings expire and we extend Drummond. In between we make small tweaks through free agency, draft and minor trades.


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