Splitting Monroe into Halves

I stated at some point earlier this season that it seemed Monroe did better in the first half more often than he did better in the second half. And I think it was MFMP who respectfully told me I was seeing things. Since I made that statement, I've seen it stated by others a couple of different times. Not many, but enough to make me want to investigate if it's true or not. So, here are some basics.

  • Games Played: 71
  • Regulation Quarters Played: 271
  • Games Played only 3 Quarters: 13 (18.3% of Games Played)
TOT Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 H1 H2
0 Pts 38 5 17 4 12 22 16
1 Pt 12 3 3 3 3 6 6
2 Pts 54 7 22 12 13 29 25
10+ Pts 18 5 2 9 2 7 11
0 Reb 34 3 18 5 8 21 13
1 Reb 51 10 21 4 16 31 20
2 Reb 57 12 13 16 16 25 32
6+ Reb 16 8 0 5 3 8 8

Play with that data as you will. Here's some more data to play with.

TOT Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 H1 H2
Pts H1 > H2 35 21 4 3 0 25 3
Pts H2 > H1 33 1 0 23 6 1 29
Pts H1 = H2 3 1 0 1 0 1 1
Reb H1 > H2 30 22 2 0 1 24 1
Reb H2 > H1 33 0 1 20 6 1 26
Reb H1 = H2 8 2 1 2 0 3 2
Pts & Reb H1 > H2 20
Pts & Reb H2 > H1 18

In the table above, the Q1, Q2... is showing in what quarter they had the most of that category. So for the first row, in 35 games, Monroe scored more points in the first half than he did the second half. In 21 of those games, he scored the most points in the first quarter. Any games where he scored the most points in multiple quarters (6 points in the first and fourth quarters as an example) weren't counted.

So, it does appear that I was seeing nothing at all. Now, what this data doesn't show is how drastic the changes are between halves. I've kept the data in excel (since I manually had to copy quarter data game by game) and am planning on doing a percentage FanPost on how "Monroe has 66.6% of his points or more in the first half X percentage of the time..." But since it's taken me about 4 hours to do the data collection and I'm about to have to run out the door, I'll put this up for everyone to mull over. So far...much ado about nothing.

If you have any thoughts on what data I should look at, in terms of games where he plays all 4 quarters, where he plays close to 50% of his time in each half, etc., let me know.

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