Becoming BK7? Did I miss something?

I love sports documentaries. I love the "30 for 30" series. I also like, can't remember the name, the ESPN shows where they have multiple reporters around the table having a small discussion about a player or event and then it goes into a short documentary. But if you ask me, not every sports event or player needs a documentary or should have one.

Does that mean Brandon Knight shouldn't have one? No. But did I miss a series or something? Where's "Becoming a Moose" or something to that affect for Monroe? Or "Becoming The Big Penguin" for Drummond? Here are the first two videos.

And to my knowledge, there's going to be at least one more. Mind you, it's a decent story and decently produced. But after reading DBB and PistonPowered, I had the sense that Brandon didn't have the biggest fan base among Pistons fans. I would think Monroe and Drummond would likely have that covered, but maybe I'm wrong. This is part of their "Road to Motown" series which also has videos for Macklin, English/Middleton and the Ft. Wayne Pistons. But no Monroe and no Drummond. But I do have to ask a question: Are they shopping Knight?

It isn't likely that they would go through the effort to make a short documentary about Knight simply to shop him. The quality of production for the BK7 series is much better than that of the other videos in the "Road to Motown" series. But they posted another video where Knight was mentioned in a positive way.

So her two favorite players are two of our most inconsistent players...and most of the time she's wearing a Monroe jersey. Now, maybe that's on the father and mother. Maybe they bought her our best player's jersey (don't know if they bought it for her before or after Drummond was drafted or played) and haven't had the money or chance to buy her one of each of her favorite players (the real jerseys aren't cheap). Or maybe, since they edited the video, they specifically highlighted Knight and Stuckey. lol.

And while I wish the best for Brandon Knight and would love to see him traded off of this team, there is something that may be more perplexing. What if this series was made because they really do think Knight is our franchise player? Knight has the hard work and dedication part down, and he can have some really great nights, but he'll never be (at least I don't suspect him to be) a consistent 20 PPG & 6-7 APG player in this league (unless we trade for Kevin Durant, then he'll get the 6-7 APG).

Yes, it is his second year. Yes, he did get a rough start to his career. Yes, our team as a whole isn't extremely gifted. No, I don't expect him to be a 20 PPG & 6-7 APG player. No, I don't expect him to be the next Chris Paul. But for someone that was previously touted as the 4th best high school prospect in the country, for someone who was drafted in the lottery (even considered a higher lottery pick by most draft boards), for someone that helped (wasn't the main cog) the Wildcats get to the Final Four, I do expect more than what we've received. Knight isn't a horrific player, but he is not the player we're promoting him to be.

Again, I have no ill will towards Brandon and as long as he's a Piston I'll root for him to do well. I just don't understand the teams fascination with him. Part of that is on Joe Dumars and part of that is on Lawrence Frank. If this team was played on production, the starting lineup would easily be (when at full strength) Bynum, Calderon, Singler, Monroe and Drummond. Obviously Bynum and Calderon would have to take turns being the distributor/attacker, and there's a major defensive fail there, but if you're going to take Knight and play him at starting SG, putting Bynum in the starting lineup is a better option if you ask me. But my feelings on Bynum could be swayed a little after reading a recent Patrick Hayes article.

"Road to Motown" production crew, I await your next moves!

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