2ND 2ND ROUND PICK Clarification

Update 4:19 8:10pm Well I was wrong I thought they waited till the lottery to determine the draft order but they did it today HOORAY! 7th and 38th and the 56th booyah, nice draw for the Pistons and the Clippers :) Now the debate beings what to do with that 56th pick eh XstremeInsanity?

4/19/2013 UPDATE: Clarification- According to Keith Langlois, in answering a recent Piston Mailbag question, despite the fact that LA Clippers Finished in 4th place for the Playoffs ahead of the Memphis Grizzlies, this 2nd round pick will be determined by a draw. Per Langlois:

The Pistons also have a 50-50 shot at getting the second-round pick of the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies finished with identical records. The draw to determine which team will pick ahead of the other in the first round will also determine if the Pistons get that second-round pick.....The Clippers must win their tiebreaker with Memphis in order for the Pistons to get the pick, because it would mean Memphis would pick ahead of the Clippers in the second round – 55th, pushing the Clippers pick to 56th and leaving it unprotected and, thus, belonging to the Pistons

oRIGINAL:I know everybody is unhappy with our win streak here in the meaningless end of the season that's effing up our draft stock. But I have chosen to focus on something entirely less meaningful: The potential of getting a 2nd 2nd round pick.

Thanks to the Alex Acker trade of February 2009 if the Clippers finish with with 5th best record overall or better we get an extra 2nd round pick.

Right now it's close they're 6th behind Memphis at 54-26 while Memphis is 55-26. The Clippers have 2 games to go and Memphis has one. If my calculations are correct (and they never are)the Clips will move up with 2 wins obviously and if they have tied records they'll win cause they beat Memphis 3-1 this year.

Now why is this exciting? Because it means the potential to get guys like Detroit's own Ray McCallum, a guy from France named Jordan Abodou, Pierre Jackson from Baylor: come on who wouldn't want a Pierre on the Pistons? or Seth Curry younger brother of Stephan Curry(all of these according to NBADRAFT.NET) or according to Draft Express big men like Richard Howell from NC State, averaged a dub dub and Trevor Mkbakwe.

Exciting stuff right?

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