Possible case scenarios for Pistons future

This summer it's going to be an exciting one for all of us Pistons' fans. We have plenty of cap room next year and some nice young pieces to build around.

So, the main question is: "Who is leaving and who's coming in?"

I have thought about some possible case scenarios, in fonction of the position, who mix free agency, trades and draft, and I wanted to share them with you. All opinions are welcome. I excuse myself if there are some English faults, it's not my native language!

The Point Guard

The first thing Joe D has to figure out it's if Brandon Knight is our PG or not. If he decides that he no longer fits that role, tow possibilities appear in my mind.

  • We trade Knight to a team needed of backcourt depth (Utah for example), for their first round pick and maybe something else to make the numbers work (I'm not really good at making salaries work).With our pick we draft a wing (Oladipo would be my choice), and with Utah's pick we should be able to draft MCW (not really fan of him, but he has the size and he can pass the ball). Other draft scenario would be to draft Oladipo and an athletic SF with Utah's pick (Glenn Robinson III if he declares), and with our second round we choose Myck Kabongo.

  • Another scenario if Knight is no longer the team's choice for the PG would be to make a trade for a young PG with a lot of upside. Who would that be you ask? Since we heard about the interest of OKC in Bynum at the trade line in February, I have been thinking that the Thunder have really interesting young. I would trade with them for a package of Reggie Jackson and Lamb. Jacson has PG size and is a physical beast. He still needs to develop more distributing skills, but I believe he really can become a good point guard. Jeremy Lamb adds shooting and scoring, what else do I need to say?. I don't know what we would have to give back, but I'm thinking of Bynum, a more experienced backup PG, who would help them in their championship run, and maybe Singler, a player who knows how to play smart, and would add more strategic variety to OKC offense.

  • In all the possible cases, I would sign Billups to be the mentor.

The Shooting Guard

  • If we keep Knight as we starting guard, we just have to fill the SG and SF spots. I would use the draft for the off-ball guard. Again, Oladipo is my choice, because McLemore will be gone. I really think Kim English can contribute to the team, so I would keep him in that spot, and him more minutes. We would have a defensive starting SG and a shooting guard of the bench.

  • If we do the Thunder trade, then Lamb would be the SG. He needs to muscle a bit up, but other thant that, he has all the physical tools, and he really can put the ball in the hole. Opposite situation of the other one. As having Lamb and English would be redundant, cause their role would be similar, I would sign Tony Allen in free agency, to a reasonable contract. We wouldh have an starting shooting guard and a defensive force of the bench.

The Small Forward

I like Middleton and Singler (if he's not starting), so there are three case scenarios here:

  • We keep Middleton and Singler and make them share their minutes and improve together.
  • However, we kind of need an improve at the SF position, so we can sign Corey Brewer in the FA.
  • As I said before, if we trade Knight for a pick, we draft a wing like GR3.

The Power Forward and the Center

  • We go with Monroe and Drummond as our starting frontcourt. If it doesn't work out (let's cross fingers), we trade Monroe, Drummond is the man! We keep Slava and Jerebko as the backup, or in the case we trade English, we pack him up with JJ for a nice piece in return for the PF.

I haven't mentioned, but in all these scenarios Stuckey and Charlie V are gone. In resume, those would be all the possible lineups I have think about:

The Knight trade

PG: MCW/Kabongo, Billups, Bynum.

SG: Oladipo, English.

SF: Glenn Robinson III, Singler, Middleton.

PF: Monroe, Jerebko.

C: Drummond, Slava.

    That's a lot of young players, but if they overperform, it would mean we have a lot of cheap assets just like the

Rockets had before the Harden trade.

    The OKC trade
  • PG: Reggie Jackson, Billups, Knight.

    SG: Jeremy Lamb, Knight, Tony Allen.
    SF: Corey Brewer, Middleton.
    PF: Monroe, Jerebko.
    C: Drummond, Slava.

    My favourite one, all of them are athletes except for Monroe, and if Reggie Jackson turns out to be what I expect, this is a beast team for years to come. BK7 would be the 6th man here, who seems to be the best fit for him.

    We continue with Knight
    PG: Knight, Billups, Bynum.

SG: Oladipo, English.

SF: Corey Brewer, Singler, Middleton.

PF: Monroe, Jerebko.

C: Drummond, Slava.

    Hope you have enjoy it, feel free to comment!

    PD: I really haven't think that much about the PF and C backup roles, so maybe you want to suggest some players for that role.

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