My dream offseason

Hey Piston nation! I've been trolling DDB for the last few months, but its been a while since I posted. Sucks that we didn't get into the playoffs, but I am looking forward to a productive off-season where JoeD doesn't blow money on 2nd tier players. Here is what I'd like to see happen this offseason. Let me know what you guys think...


Nate McMillan - I'm surprised McMillan hasn't been hired since he was fired in Portland. He is a very good defensive minded coach that led a pretty efficient offense in Portland. He developed a lot of young talent(Aldridge, Batum) and got the most out of the talent he had. My second choice would be SVG.


Stuckey to Denver for Wilson Chandler+ Anthony Randolph - We really need to unload Stuckey while he still has some value. Chandler has sort of gotten forgotten about in denver, playing behind Galinari, Iggy, and Brewer. He is from Michigan and gives our team a defensive stud on the wing. Anthony is another guy that can contribute when put in the right situation.

Free Agency

Re-sign Jose Calderon - He is what we need at the point guard position right now. He is a great floor general that controls the offense and looks for open team mates. He is also a very good shooter.

...and thats it Joe!


1st - Trey Burke - I don't think we will have the opportunity to draft McLemore or Porter, but I wouldn't be disappointed if we landed Burke. His size scares me, but you can't discount his fearlessness and clutchness. He is a great floor general and has good shooting ability.

2nd - Isiah Austin - Project player but I think he can develop into a good player with time. He can shoot very well, so I think he would be a good compliment to Dre and Moose.

2nd - Richard Howell - I go to NC State and have watched this guy develop into a monster for 4 years. Believe me, he will be a steal in this year's draft. He plays with so much heart and rebounds like there is no tomorrow. His work ethic and determination will get him minutes on any team.

13-14 lineup

1 Calderon, Burke

2 Chandler, Knight, English

3 Singler, Jerebko, Middleton

4 Monroe, CV, Howell, Randolph

5 Drummond, Kravstov, Austin

I don't think we will make the playoffs next year with this lineup, but we will definitely be going in the right direction. Let me know what you guys think!

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