How to Fit? Coach to Team, or Team to Coach?


According to reports, the Pistons are going to start interviewing coaches today (though they may have already interviewed Obradovic last weekend). One of the biggest qualifications for any candidate needs to be how well they can develop young talent. Have they before? What position(s)? Andre needs some more development, maybe Knight can too. Moose is pretty steady in his development, but who knows if he can develop faster under the proper coach. But there's one question I'm very curious of. Should we get a coach to fit our team and how they can play, or get a coach that gets the players to fit their offensive/defensive schemes?

Because I don't think defense can really be measured in terms of pace, I'm really only going to talk about the offensive side of the ball. Do we want to run, or do we want to grind down the clock and make the other team play a lot of defense? There should obviously be a healthy mix of both, and we know from most of Pistons history what grinding down the clock offense looks like, but what do our players allow us to do?

2010-11 Rank 2011-12 Rank Change Rank of Change 2012-13 Rank Change Rank of Change
%FGA (2PT) 81.1% T-7th 82.5% T-5th 1.4%/2 10th 78.3% T-8th -4.2%/-3 23td
%PTS (2PT) 65.0% 7th 65.8% 7th 0.8%/0 16th 63.4% 9th -2.4%/-2 20th
%PTS (2PT-MR) 23.1% T-6th 20.2% 17th -2.9%/-11 24th 14.3% 28th -5.9%/-11 26th
%PTS (3PT) 17.8% T-19th 15.9% 26th -1.9%/-7 22nd 19.8% 21st 3.9%/5 9th
%PTS (FBPs) 13.5% 18th 14.8% 9th 1.3%/9 8th 14.6% T-10th -0.2%/-1 16th
%PTS (FT) 17.2% 28th 18.3% 11th 1.1%/17 3rd 16.8% 17th -1.5%/-6 24th
%PTS (OffTO) 17.0% 8th 17.3% 13th 0.3%/-5 T-20th 16.2% 21st -1.10%/-8 T-21st
%PTS (PITP) 41.9% 13th 45.6% 6th 3.7%/7 T-6th 49.1% 2nd 3.5%/4 4th
2FGM (%AST) 50.7% T-17th 48.8% 21st -1.9%/-4 21st 51.4% 23rd 2.6%/-2 T-15th
3FGM (%AST) 89.2% T-4th 84.9% 13th -%4.3/-9 22nd 92.6% 1st 7.7%/12 3rd
FGM (%AST) 56.6% 20th 53.8% T-24th -2.8%/-4 25th 58.5% 21st 4.7%/3 T-8th

"Rank of Change" is sorting the change in percentage from largest to smallest. Based on this data, it appears we're a top 10 team on the fast break (no thanks to Brandon Knight). However, even with that, we're sadly a top 5 team in terms of TO per game, not that all of them are in transition (might need to look into that). So being a top 10 team in fast break situations doesn't necessarily lead to wins.

Since I'm unable to draw any conclusions from the data above, what do you think the Pistons need to do? Ideally, we'd find a coach that has a great offensive and defensive scheme and would play the appropriate players in the areas where they could excel and lead us to more wins. But in that highly unlikely situation, should we get a coach who's more prone to a fast paced game, or someone who's more of a slow paced, grind it out kind of coach? Also, how much did Calderon contribute to showing a 4.7% positive change in FG made via assists and how does that go into the decision of what kind of coach we should get?

Let me know what you guys make of this data (and if you have any questions about the data).

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