Its NBA Draft Combine Time!........ crickets.

Well with the NBA draft combine coming up in Chicago and understanding that its pretty much worthless except for getting accurate measurement, I only really want to talk about a few prospects and not even ones on the Pistons radar.

I think like alot of Americans I like a good redemption story, and this combine will showcase potentially three of them: Glen Rice Jr., Ricardo Ledo and Norvel Pelle.

Rice is probably the most well known, the guy who was kicked off Gerogia Tech and took his talents to the Rio Grande, a 6'6 205 pound SG/SF he took the D-League by storm with 25 pts and 9.5 bounds in their playoffs. Guy has an awesome jumper and can get steals and blocks (but only if he's feels like working for it.) Glen Rice has rocketed up boards from 2nd rounder to mid first rounder (Draft Express 24 Chad Ford 18.) I'm rooting for Rice because it would be another feather for the D-League. Something I think is sorely under utilized in the current NBA.

Next Ricardo Ledo a 6'7 195 pound SF/SG he was committed to play for the Providence Friars, but never got onto the court. Coming out of highschool Ledo had an 89 ranking from ESPN and was a Providence, RI native to boot. But Ledo was known for having a rough background and as Rodney Dangerfield said

"the neighborhood I grew up in was tough, they asked a kid to prove the law of gravity... he through the teacher out the window."
Maybe it wasn't that bad for Ledo but he did do 4 High Schools in 5 years. The last time Draft Express checked in with Ledo was 2011 and they saw someone who had alot of positives when it came to scoring, perimeter, pullup and attacking the basket and had worked on his negatives with mixed results (defense). NBA Draft has him at the 60th pick while Draft Express has him 46th out of the top 100.

Last but not Least Norvel Pelle listed anywhere from 6-9 to 7'1 and 199 to 215 pounds. This big man has not competed against anyone in two years. He was supposed to go to St. Johns but grades kept him out and then Iona, but he opted for the draft. He's been bouncing around prep schools and community colleges, and his work ethic and drive were questioned. But at private workouts and according to his trainer that is no longer an issue. He was known for shot blocking, baseline speed, and defending multiple positions. He is Draft Express's 99 out of 100.

I'd like to see at least two of the guys make it two the draft and possibly all three. I was a big Herb Pope supporter last draft, and was sad that he had to kick off his career in Israel so to see these guys get in will make me happy and have some underdogs to route for. until they do something to show they're not good at basketball. The combine, why else watch it?

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