Players and Plays - 12-13 Recap

I wanted to share an experience that may illustrate what happened with the Pistons last season and show what may come in the future.

I'm from Brazil, and of course, like everybody here, I consider myself someone who knows a lot about football (or soccer, as americans call it). In football, the formation, the tactics and the plays play a big part.

Although I'm a big Pistons fan, I'm starting to learn about basketball tactics now. And it's a very interesting thing to learn the strategic part of a new game when you already know about another one. It gives you a different insight and it's much easier for you to think outside the box.

Also, I myself like to play NBA 2k13 on my videogame, and I always try to play the whole season, with 48-minute games, in the "Star" difficulty, one harder than the regular one.

So, last year, I started with the Pistons. Playing Knight, Stuckey, Prince, Maxiell and Monroe. In the first 10 games I was something like 1-9. Then I decided to change to Bynum, Knight, Prince, Monroe and Drummond. It got better, but I was still a losing team.

I stayed 4 months without playing and recently I decided to start over. Now, with the trade, I'm playing Calderon, Knight, Singler, Monroe, and Drummond. But, before starting, I went ahead and tweaked the team strategy and gameplan.

First of all, I changed Frank's playbook to Memphis' playbook. And also, I tweaked the sliders, asking the team to play a much slower tempo (but with a lot of fastbreaks on counterattacks), a lot of 3-pointers and postgame, and very little mid-range. Basically, the C and PF lurks near the box to get the ball and score. The SF tries to take a defender from the box and the SG looks for an outside shot.

And suddenly, the game is MUCH easier. I won all the first 10 games, except for Lakers. I'm hitting 12-15 3 pointers everygame (with Knight, Singler, Calderon, Jerebko, Middleton and English when he plays). Drummond and Monroe get a lot of points and rebounds, and Calderon getting 12-15 dimes a night.

Of course, it's just a game. But it's a very well-made game where you can apply what you think may help the team. And I can conclude that the season could have gone the other way if the headcoach thought differently.

I can only hope that the next season coach can play the Pistons to their strenghs.

Cheers from Brazil!

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