The case for Detroit NOT picking Shabazz at #8


Well, at last, Detroit has got the #8 pick. That means they have virtually no chance of picking either McLemore, Burke, Oladipo or Porter, the only players in this draft that would start right away as Pistons. And, because of this, I have seen many comments from fans wishing Detroit would "gamble" on Shabazz Muhammad. I think this would be a mistake.

Let's assume Cleveland picks Noel, Orlando picks Burke, Washington picks Porter, Charlotte picks McLemore, and Phoenix picks Oladipo. New Orleans and Sacramento come before the Pistons, and I would assume the best players on the board are: Len, Zeller, Bennett, Carter-Williams and McCollum. I am not mentioning Muhammad, Caldwell-Pope and Plumlee because I consider them one step down from this 2nd tier and 2 steps down from the 1st five mentioned.

McCollum is a complicated case. He seems to have potential, but he's too much like Knight and Stuckey and Detroit does not need another combo guard (except if they don't plan on having Stuckey around, which I think they shouldn't).

Carter-Williams could be paired with a veteran PG (Bynum or Calderon or any other good FA) and become our next starting PG in the future, if they see potential. I see the same case for Bennett. If they pick him, leave him as Singler's backup alongside Middleton, and the SF position would be set. He can also play PF against a small lineup.

Zeller or Len would be the logical "first big man off the bench" behind Monroe and Drummond. So, either one would be useful.

The problem in see in picking anybody from the next tier with a #8 pick is that Muhammad would not be an upgrade over Singler or Middleton. I just like having Daye again. Of course they're completely different players, but you cannot say for sure that any of the 4 should be starting SF anywhere in the league. Caldwell-Pope would not be an upgrade over Stuckey and English, and Plumlee wouldn't be much better than Slava.

Also, if Detroit does not pick any of those 3 at #8, I imagine all 3 of them going somewhere between 13-17th. In my opinion, the problem is not picking them. It's picking them at #8.

So, my point is that, considering the first 5 will be gone, and N.O. and Sacramento would pick 2 of those 5, the Pistons should pick one of whoever is left from Zen, Zeller, Bennet and Carter-Williams. If they are planning on shopping Stuckey, include McCollum on that shortlist.

I also have 2 other suggestions: trade up to the top 5 (using Stuckey and/or CV), or trade down to 12-15, where they would pick Shabazz Muhammad, or gamble (yes, this time would be a gamble) on Giannis Adetokunbo or Dennis Schroeder.

About the other fanpost suggestion Detroit should give the pick to Charlotte, as I read from, both would have to agree on that. Charlotte may believe Detroit won't be in the lottery next year, but they also know that the next class in much better than this one. I see this move as an option too, if Charlotte wants it.

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