A Detroit Offseason Plan

This is what the Pistons need to do this offseason if they want to make the playoffs this season. I have been a Detroit fan ever since i started watching basketball about nine years ago

First let's start with the vacancy at the head coaching position. They don't have time to take a "risk" in there next attempt to find themselves a head coach. Even though there are some great assistant coaches out there (Brian Shaw) there is no telling to what they are going to be like as a head coach. They have to play it safe with a proven head coach who has seen improved teams with losing records to teams with winning records. Nate Mcmillan is are man. He is going to come in there and take control right away. He has taken a team with 21 wins to a team with 54 wins in four seasons. Wow! That is incredible, no doubt. He has played in the league before and relates really well to the young players on the squad. His teams always play defense and they have a very controlled type of play, and that's all the Pistons need. They need there identity, and Mcmillan will give them one. If he is not available i say we go with Maurice Cheeks. He has been a 50 win coach and seems to be a very player relatable coach. He has seen and helped with the development of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. He will come in there and turn Brandon Knight into a true point guard, and that's just what the doctor ordered.

Now onto the draft. To put it short, this draft stinks. The pistons are not going to get a future starter in this draft unless one man falls to there lap. Shabazz Muhammad. Oladipo? He'll be gone. Burke? No way he'll still be on the board. Shabazz has star potential. People have been knocking on him for his one dimensional play and his off the court issues. Shabazz knows how to shoot, he knows how to rebound, and most importantly he knows hot to compete. He is not going to be a player that watches his career go to the trash. The talent is there, which we cant say for most of the players that will be left on the board that fills a need. I say we start him at shooting guard, and for now we can just run him off screens and watch him compete. Remember, he was once considered a top overall pick, that doesn't just go away.

Finally free agency. We have a lot of money, now what? Well here's what we do. If we follow my plan in getting Muhammad, we are set at the 2 guard. We have a major hole in the small forward position. Two names pop into my head when i think of the small forward free agents. Earl Clark, and Al farouq Aminu. No we are not giving Josh Smith a Max Contract for 18 PPG and 9 RPG, just stop. These two guys are going to be relatively cheap and very productive. Starting with Clark, he is a stretch 3 and has driving ability along with 3 point range. He is a decent defender with quick feet. He shined with the Lakers last year and is looking for a good pay day. He can definitely start for us. Now Aminu is raw on the offensive end but he will bring defense and hustle, something that we lack. He can rebound and can guard almost any position he wants with his athleticism. He is only 22, and we can get him cheap. After we sign one of these guys we need to get someone to replace Jason Maxiell. A guy who is younger and basically Maxiell's clone? Dujuan Blair. He is a scrapper, a post presence on defense, and a tough man. These are the only two free agent signings I want Joe D to make.

Hopefully someone reads this, and as for are starting 5 for next year?

PG - Brandon Knight

SG- Shabazz Muhammad

SF- Earl Clark / Aminu

PF- Greg Monroe

C- Andre Drummond

Thanks Guys!

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