Second-tier free agent options for the Detroit Pistons


First of all, this is my first post on any SB Nation website as I'm new to the concept overall. I've been a Detroit sports fan all my life and thought it would be pretty cool to interact with more fans considering I dont live in Michigan. This post directly relates to my favorite candidates at this time for cost effective free agents at every position.

Although the Pistons clearly have ample cap space to acquire a top level free agent, I believe the high money players either have greener pastures or are not a fit in Detroit. (That includes Dwight, CP3, Josh Smith, etc). I have chosen five players at each position that I would like the Pistons to go after if they choose to neglect it either in the draft or through a large contract. That being said I have not included projected salary numbers because my attempts always seem off.

PG: Jarrett Jack - My first likely candidate for this position in free agency is Jose Calderon and I'd be happy if he returned for nothing more than a 3-year deal, but if we're left without Calderon and Knight is the starter, it hampers the further development of our front court. After watching the GS playoff series with Denver and with San Antonio, Jarrett Jack has the skills necessary to dictate tempo, feed the post, and add some scoring without being the turnover nightmare that Knight has shown to be in the halfcourt. This move or the re-signing of Calderon would relegate BK to a sixth man/bench/Jason Terry role that he is best suited for at this point.

SG: Gerald Henderson - Although Im usually not in a hurry to sign Bobcats players, Henderson fits a lot of the low cost attributes that would improve the roster. His solid defense and rebounding are always welcome on a young team. His off-ball motion coupled with his expanding mid-range game would help this offense get into motion instead of standing around in iso. Henderson's ability to make smart cuts to the basket would perfectly compliment Monroe's high post passes which I'd love to see more of. Although he may not be an elite athlete, I believe he is an above average one and would certaintly improve the teams ability to score in transition over Kyle Singler (whom we saw far too much of last season at the two; personally, I believe his ceiling is a backup 3.)

SF: Dorell Wright - Wright is the type of 3 and D guy that holds increasing value in today's NBA. His ability to shoot the long range J would be an asset on a team that was close to last, if not last, in the league in 3's last season. Although the Pistons were tremendous in the paint last season, 2nd in PPG, having a shooter in the corner who can make you pay is a must. He is not much of a shot creator which is why he's on this list, but he can certaintly knock down the open shot. He has great size at 6'9 and uses that length as a solid defender. When asked to be the lockdown wing in GS he struggled but by making this signing you are not expecting him to be Andre Iguodala.

PF: J.J. Hickson - Hickson has become a double double machine in Portland. His tenacity on the boards and ability to knock down the open mid range shot brings a lot of the same characteristics as a young Jason Maxiell. Although Maxiell's time is over, and it should be, Hickson would be able to fill the role of high energy rebounding role player off the bench. Hickson is a very good athlete that is able to finish at the rim even though he has a preference for the jumper. Having Hickson would also allow whoever the new coach may be the option to play him with either Drummond or Monroe when they rest. The only caveat here is that Hickson and Monroe in the front court would have identical problems as Monroe-Maxiell in their inability to defend for long stretches.

C: Brandan Wright - Lastly, Brandan Wright is a player that I would love to see in a Pistons uniform because of his high efficiency play. Brandan Wright needs work as a low-post defender and rebounder, but his knack for blocking shots would be a huge add for a Pistons team who only has one shot blocker in Drummond. He is capable finishing around the rim and this past year in Dallas he showed more toughness and grit on the floor. If used properly at backup center or power forward when Drummond or Monroe are not manning the position, I feel like Wright can be successful in Detroit.

That sums up my post on Pistons Free Agency. Thanks for reading and feel free to add potential salary numbers and more players to the discussion because the Pistons are in dire need of talent and depth at all five positions. And most importantly, GO PISTONS!

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