The case for picking Shabazz Muhammad at No. 8

Harry How

Let me just start by saying I have never been on the Shabazz Muhammad bandwagon, even when he was projected to go top 3. A 6'6 small forward wasn't my idea of a good fit if the Pistons still thought Knight was going to play SG. A 6'6 Sg with knight being a 6th man type player was what I was looking for. I never really thought Shabazz could play the 2, but if he could he wouldn't be a bad pick at 8. Not a steal mind you, just an okay pick. I seem to notice that when a player is projected to go top 3 and turn out different then expected their stock falls disproportionate to their talent. (Drummond, Sully)

When I read all the post on DBB there are always multiple opinions on players and styles (that's why I like reading articles here). So I'm sure this topic is no different, some people think Shabazz could play the two and some don't. I was in the "don't" camp until I read this article The science behind Muhammad's stock

It's an ESPN Insider by Chad Ford, so I'm sure not all of you can read it, but here are a few things I found interesting.

in fact he's the fastest wing they've tested at P3 in a sub max jump to 10-feet-6. His quick explosion off the floor, combined with an extraordinary wingspan, explains while he was one of the top wing offensive rebounders in the country last year.

Where Muhammad needs work is on his lateral quickness ... Elliott showed me computer graphs of both his horizontal and vertical force and walked me through how P3 was getting Muhammad to change his technique so that he could explode the same way laterally that he does vertically.

"Some players just don't have the neuromuscular system to really improve much," Elliott said. "You can work and work and work with them and you just don't move the needle much. With others, you can do a lot with a little training. We've already seen significant improvements and we'll continue to see more."

There is also mention of how he worked 45 minutes straight at a quick pace and some other fluff type stuff. I don't know if he will play the 2 in the NBA, but if he could I'd take him with the 8th pick.

You may now commence with the bashing for spelling and grammar errors ideas you don't agree with.

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